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It’s hard to ascertain who gets the attention first.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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In a rush, but detail caught from denim to handbag and multi-colored scarf.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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In 20 degrees we sacrifice it all for the look. 6 inch heels check, mini skirt check, cute mini jacket? Check.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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The long accordion dress with pink leather zip top. Had to catch it.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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Keeping warm fashionably and elegantly in beautiful skirt floral top and coats that accents it all.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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If you were debating to yourself whether Rubin Singer is deserving of a place in your ever expanding wardrobe, debate no more. The designer’s namesake collection has been seen on a-listers like Shakira and Alicia Keys and you can now add Kerry Washington to that growing list of Rubin Singer devotees. She wore this eye catcher on her Scandal show and it’s been the talk of NYC PR ever since.

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I’m becoming a fan of the Mademoiselle Fall 2013 collection for a handful of reasons. After taking a look at the most recent lookbook (which we’ll be publishing in foto form soon) I thought what appealed to me was the fact that the collection went in a couple of different directions. There’s the vampy leather clad angle skirt that replaces the slit with stretch chiffon which is matched with a silk modal jersey and a leather sleeve. It’s something you can easily see a Hollywood socialite wearing it but at the same time you have this bridal lace dress that is definitely mod inspired as it’s nearly a mile over the knee. It’s as if two different designers put together the collection. That’s a great thing. Keeps the masses guessing.


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You can’t go wrong when Walter Chin’s photographs are adorning anything you’re doing. Yes it’s with a commercial outfit like Neiman built for selling, but they got everything right with this book. See photographs below:




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Last month in the magazine, we featured Cydelic a handbag collection by designer Choryin Choi. He created an unconventional look with punk-like accents, beads and chain straps. It was a different strong look that most are not used to seeing. I wanted to highlight it in blog format, because this designer I feel is one to watch. His unconventional approach and his ability to mix a myriad of styles together into something cohesive and beautiful, gives hope that fashion can be daring via a new infusion of talent.

Head over to see his full profile and all the photos here.

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Published photos from the Harvey Faircloth 2014 collection Spring/Summer 2014. Visit this link to see the entire collection.




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