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Some of the makeup at New York Fashion Week can be replicated with some ingenuity. Shiseido artistic director Dick Page gives his tips for this look at the Greg Lauren show during NYFW.

·         Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

·         Inspiration: This look resembles a “tennis tan.” The placement of the sunburn/suntan is rough and uneven, since people don’t typically get a perfectly even tan from sun exposure. This was not meant to be a pretty, romantic bronzed look; it’s a more realistic scruffy burned tan.

·         Products:

o    Face/Cheek: Apply a mixture of Perfecting Stick Concealer in Medium Deep (55) and Deep (66) (NEW! for Spring 2015) onto the skin where the sun would naturally hit the face from directly above. Blend a small amount ofPerfect Rouge in Dragon (RD514) across the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, neck and ears to create the “burned tan look” using a Blush Brush.

o    Brow: Remain as natural as possible, but fill in brows with a variety of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in Caviar (BK912), Shoyu (BR623), Sable (BR709), Leather (BR306) and Sunshower (OR313).

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So we’re toiling away in the saltmines to bring you detail photos from fashion week. Some of our recent updates include:

Diesel Black Gold, Gottex, Carolina Herrera, Luca Luca, Peter Som, Twinkle (Sam’s favorite), Akiko Ogawa and Diane von Furstenberg. See all the photos here.

There are over 20 photo galleries now with over 1,000 photos. Should keep you busy for awhile. This is currently one of my top pieces from the season, can’t entirely explain why. I’ve just seemed to form an emotional attachment to this dress (from B Michael Spring 2009 Collection.):

B Michael

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Security is going to be tighter than at the Republican National coverage (ok, that’s not saying much) But for those who enjoy finding inventive ways of being in places they have absolutely no business, this is the ultimate crash. Here’s the 411:

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is celebrating his 40th anniversary in the fashion industry. The company reportedly spent $3 million to make this happen and flew in smoothly shaved filipino cabana boys as waiters (ok, they’re partially shaved), thye commissioned an architect to build the temporary structure over rail yards on the far west side of Manhattan. Tons of celebrities are going to be there, the foie gras is being flown in directly from Paris and some super secret female vocalist is going to perform.

We won’t know who she is until the curtains go up. Some of what was said here is completely made up, but the party is real and the amount of money spent is extremely real. There will be no crash quite like this one.I can’t giveaway how I will be attempting my crash but just think Bruce Lee in Chinese Connection.

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Hamadi Hair Care

Somewhere there’s a commandment that is saying just as much when it comes to hair. You see them everyday walking near you and around you. Women who have hair that is desperately in need of help. Desperate because of split ends, because of overuse of chemicals, because of being in a harsh environment (heat, humidity etc). Hamadi’s Healing Serum comes highly recommended for those having problems of that nature. Made of all the organic good stuff that you look for, it’s main purpose is to end the frizz and entanglements that you find so prevalent in today’s hair. The end result? Shiny, lustrous hair that seals your natural hair oils and makes you feel absolutely wonderful and ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound. You go, Supergirl.

Get it here: Hamadi Beauty

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This comes HIGHLY recommended. Last week a former intern crossed me on the street and said hello. It’s like I didn’t even recognize the girl completely different face from last summer. So as to not embarrass the person I’ll keep it very vague. I wanted to come up with a way to ask, hey, what happened to all the acne and weird post-college skin that you had? She said, blog about Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy. She used to pick at her skin and that would leave all types of blemishes and acne growing on top of acne. Gross indeed. She said she just started using the product on a lark and while not immediate she started seeing them going away. Then the blemishes from the picking went away as well. I thought plastic surgery, but apparently not. So this comes highly recommended if you’re facing the whole oily skin and acne thing. Get it here.

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You’ll experience tons of different exfoliators and skin care products in your lifetime, the stores are literally littered with them but aside from the funny name, this Lalicious Island Guava product comes highly recommended according to our intern and now our general staff. As gross as this may sound we only received one so we sorta had a moment where we started sharing this. That has since ended, but still, there’s a feeling that I should not have shared that tidbit of into. Here’s where we try to sound official. As an office test we gave an intern this product to try (new things scare us). The end result is the following:

I tried it for 7 days and found that while there were little visual changes I could really feel smoother skin on my arm after the first two days. So I decided to go full bore and try using it all over. The first thing I noticed is that it leaves a bit of a moisturizer-type sheen on the skin after washing. This is an uncommon but welcomed effect because you literally need not over moisturize your skin. It’s as if the scrub finds a natural balance and gives it a this moisturized residual feel. It wears off as the day goes on but for the first couple of hours it actually feels pretty fantastic. Another thing that gets you right off the bat is the scent. While I wasn’t entirely crazy about having a sugary sweet smell for the rest of the day, it did beat having to apply perfume. It’s a naturally light clean scent. Overall, I’d recommend it without hesitation. If you have oily skin though you may want to be careful using this because it might leave a bit of a residue that exacerbates the problem. I’m glad I definitely have the full product though as I am going to keep using it!

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So the cheeky Gisele Bundchen thing is tearing up the internet and, it reminds me of this makeup blush powder I tried last week. The correlation here is cheeks for the uninitiated. Normally highlight blushes are ignored as overkill. The blush aspect is enough you say. The thing about blush in general though is that it can either end up as too dull or too overpowering. In the case of the latter you can end up looking like some sort of clown, in the case of the former, you can end up looking as if there’s nothing there. In both cases the highlighting blush can help dramatically.

Nars Blush

In case 1: With dull blush the highlighting blush can add accents to your undertones and create that “just right” minimalist effect.

In case 2: The over blush effect is normally ameliorated by simply taking a round brush and spreading it all out. In combination with that effect, Nars Highlight blush comes HIGHLY recommended. Simply take it and LIGHTLY flush it across the area that the original blush was used and voila. Many may say blush on top of blush makes absolutely no sense at all. Try it. Simply try it and depending on the color used it can help blunt the strong effect of the dreaded over-blush.

Nars Blush

To that end NARS has two products that come highly recommended: the highlighting blush (seen above) and the combo blush/bronzer. That caking effect is a thing of the past with these two blush products. It’s something you find common with the cheaper bronze products but this is a cleaner makeup that comes off easily with makeup remover. I’d love it if there was a bit of a moisturizer or SPF product but you can’t get everything. They’re both available here.

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Shue Uemura

The quintessential makeup artist, Shu Uemura died this past December from acute pneumonia in Tokyo. If there was ever a case for someone doing it all in their respective field, it is Uemura. From creating looks for movies that are often duplicated, to making a line of popular upscale cosmetics and opening an architectural marvel that is his cosmetics boutique (then opening stores all around the world). Uemura cast a long shadow in the makeup industry and most were inevitably touched by his contributions. He leaves his wife and son.

Read the Star obituary online

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Papierdoll Recommends…

Body Shop

Swearing by this after one week of personal use. I never recommend without using first and the Body Shop’s Pomegranate body polish is the truth in advertising and application. Took a swab of it last night, ran it down my arm… I’ll just say what was on the swab was not pretty. You want this. Get it here.

They also have a neato eco-shopping bag that you can re-use to your heart’s content:
The Body Shop

$2 from each sale (the bags are $5) go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an organization working to stop violence in the home. Get it here.

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Makeup Tips
photography Danielle Le Moine

We often get questions on achieving the looks that you see in photoshoots on Papierdoll and in other publications. The questions that constantly come up go something like this:

a) How do I get that look?
b) Do all models have flawless skin?
c) How long does it take to put something like that together?

The short answer is yes, no and it depends.

For more detail I actually talked to a makeup artist who worked with us in the past, Shelly Stevens, and asked her exactly what it takes to get some of the looks you see in photoshoots. For example, what can a person with combination skin, or with issues applying their own makeup do to get a great look for fall?

Here she came with several tips to help almost everyone:
I hope this pleases your readers as I am going from off the top of my head here. Models come in many different skin textures just like we all do. Some models have great skin, others have skin that look like land mines but have great bone structure or some other discerning feature that make them a model.

“You’ll never look exactly like a model from a photoshoot because she is her and you are you. What that means is that everyone is different and has their own look. You can attain a similar look and in many cases you might even look better. Find out what makeup is being used and test the makeup out in a shade, hue and tone that you are comfortable with. There are so many different varieties and textures of makeup one size does not fit all.

Makeup Tips
photography Danielle Le Moine

For example, in the photos I’ve attached to this article, the makeup artist, Yisell Santos, used Makeup Forever Foundation 1 for her foundation, Urban Decay Bronzer in Toasted and Mattesse Loose Shadow in Bronze. Yes, that’s a lot of bronze, but the point is that’s what worked for that shoot. If you have a darker complexion or are extremely pale, you may want to go easy on the bronzer or skip it altogether. Use softer shades if your skin is on either of those extremes. This is especially the case with Fall and Winter. You never want the makeup to overpower your natural features.

The most important thing I can tell your readers above the makeup tip is to take care of their skin. Moisturize when necessary, drink water (they say it’s an old wives tale, but water helps the skin), use cremes as opposed to lotions and stay away from products heavy with chemicals or with alcohol. Alcohol is a major no-no. Hope that helps.”

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