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The dress is actually Blue and Black… but, when the photo was taken, the camera made it “hot” so the filtering of the color of the dress turned it into this gold color. Happens all the time with runway photography. Under hot lights, the models have a goldish hue. But once you auto-color (or turn on the cooling filter in photoshop) it turns it back closer to the color it should actually be.


No one here agrees though so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt.

Here’s a runway photo as an example:

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It’s not as if the daring stuff Calvin Klein did in the 90s was enough. Now it’s in image and branding as well. Sex Tape is an interesting fragrance by perfume house Bohemian society. Complete with classic tape packaging and a quasi-phallic bottle, the perfume contains “notes of linen, leather, smoke, and exotic sweets.” AND according to the release “Sex Tape evokes your deepest memories of unbridled passion, lust and pure ecstasy.”

I’m going to need a shower. You can get it online only at www.thebohemiansociety.com

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Some women wear the dress and for others, the dress wears them. Khloe Kardashian wore this creation from Theia at the Golden Globes last night and wore it well. The designer’s collection has proven to be appreciative on a range of types. Here’s the dress on a Theia model.


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Vogue’s December issue has a great feature with Bradley Cooper on the Elephant Man Broadway production. Annie Leibovitz shot the feature and it is indeed beautiful with all of her signature touches (usage of contrasting color , depth and the richness of palette). In the feature, Cooper details his conversion from actor to man with such a strong disfigurement, of the original Elephant Man film he states in the feature, “I was entranced by the film making and the performances and just crushed by the plight of this guy”.

The feature is in Vogue’s December 2014 issue on news stands now.

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The Enfants Riches Déprimés Hat is not for the price concious, but there’s an argument or some sort of platitude that art doesn’t have a price. Rita Ora seems to agree wearing this fetching Enfants Riches Déprimés Hat. Visit the site here.

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 Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona

Beyonce - Etnia Barcelona

Beyonce – Etnia Barcelona

If you find yourself wanting to wear the same pair of shades recently adorned by Beyonce, Cara Delevingne, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Isla Fisher, your proverbial prayers have been answered. Launching today is a new collection of eye-wear from Etnia Barcelona. The eyewear line comprises an impressive array of designs from the Wild Love in Africa Limited Edition Collection. It’s available on the Etnia Barcelona site today.

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Reese Witherspoon Ocetober 2015 Vogue

Reese Witherspoon Ocetober 2015 Vogue

If you’re only halfway through the September 2015 Vogue bible, then the October 2015 issue of Vogue will be ready for you when you’re done. Already in subscriber mailboxes and hitting news stands in the next day or so (October 1st, 2015), Witherspoon is presented as an actress on a mission with her film production company that focuses on strong female roles and her upcoming movie Wild, Vogue’s “get” for October is a good one. Visit Vogue online to see the article.

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photography Jarka Hrn?árková

photography Jarka Hrn?árková

Another recent shoot published on Papierdoll. This one featured models wearing basics from the likes of H&M. That coupled with very little make-up set the tone for a good fall foto story. View all the images here.

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Warrior - Kat Marks - Designer Accessories

Warrior – Kat Marks – Designer Accessories

In case you missed it, we published last Friday a startlingly beautiful foto set of accessories designer Kat Marks collection. The designer illustrates what you can do, if you take accessories design to the Nth degree. Definitely worth a look in full screen. View the foto story here.

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It says something about the level you’re working at when each individual look for a show is scrutinized to the minute detail. We got a chance to get a look at exactly what that level of detail is when a makeup master divulged exactly what went into creating a look for a collection. In this case, it was Shiseido’s Dick Page who created the looks for the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. He outlines how a makeup afficianado can work on and get the look and this inspiration behind the creation:


·         Inspiration: “Japanese ninja meets BMX bike sportswear – the look is quite real and natural, but also a little tough.”

·         Products:

o    Eye: A dark, solid outline of Accentuating Cream Eyeliner in Black (1) and Perfect Mascara Full Definition in Black (BK901) create “spikey, clumpy lashes” for a heavy out-all-night look.

o    Lip:  The Skincare Protective Lip Conditioner adds moisture without shine.

o    Face/Cheek: A light wash of Sheer and Perfect Foundation removes any redness for a clear, natural complexion.


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