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Published a new shoot today from photographer Michael D. Becker and knitwear designer Kinjal Mehta. Enjoyed viewing it particularly because he used models that were healthy (non-anorexic looking) and his use of color against a darker background made the images jump off the screen. We’re all about showcasing new photographers and Becker should definitely build an audience with his coming works. View Mehta’s entire collection here.

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First discovered Rad Hourani when I spoke with Roxanne Doucet at our French sister site Agence Triptyque. She was high on the Jordanian designer because he had firm roots in Montreal. Since his initial showing at Paris Fashion week he’s taken the fashion world by storm. This is ever more so the case with his Unisex collection now that Lady Gaga is the proud backer of this collection, dare we say it, she’s his muse? If she’s not, she needs to be, she look excellent in this piece from the collection.


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You know you’ve made it and then some when a-listers are running to your collection. Here’s a recap:

Adriana Lima wearing Rachel Roy

Julia Roberts wearing Rachel Roy

And, hey, you have to be a believer in your own collection no?
Rachel Roy.. in.. yes you guessed it Rachel Roy

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If you were debating to yourself whether Rubin Singer is deserving of a place in your ever expanding wardrobe, debate no more. The designer’s namesake collection has been seen on a-listers like Shakira and Alicia Keys and you can now add Kerry Washington to that growing list of Rubin Singer devotees. She wore this eye catcher on her Scandal show and it’s been the talk of NYC PR ever since.

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Amidst all of the hoopla of New York Fashion Week Maison Martin Margiela and Converse announced teh release of a fusion collaboration. Everyone and their third uncle will be lining up for this. See photos below:





Full press release here

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Every now and again, you get an invite that intrigues you so much that you can’t help but be fascinated by whatever is being shown. Designer Marco Hall has done that with the imagery from his invite. A long print dress with plunging V neckline is how he lays down the fashion gauntlet. Marco Hall, we’ll be there and you have our attention.


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Kerry Washington 12.11.13

Stella McCartney’s a one woman celebrity resource, recently outfitting nearly every single female a-lister you can name (and some you can’t). Kerry Washington joined in on the fun (in addition to the fact that she’s uber ubiquitous in every best dressed celebrity style list). So the Stella/Kerry combination seemed to make all the sense in the world. Here she’s in Stella McCartney’s mysteriously titled look 31, a visually playful dress with lips charms and adornments throughout.

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Ziyi Zhang shows why it pays to be a celebrity: you get access to Stella McCartney’s 2014 Spring offerings before it is even in the stores. The lines on this stretch red dress are masterfully created with form outlines coming from mid-chest down to the hem. We may have to ignore almost every red dress debuting for Spring 2014, until we get this one in hand.

copyright Getty Images / credit Stella McCartney US

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Celeb spotting in latest fashion wares is always a fun past time for some of us here. Here’s our favorite R&B star married to a hip-hop impresario riding a bike in BK. Yup she’s always wearing something from a beloved designer’s collection, Eugenia Kim


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Spent the weekend in Miami with our publisher Sam who apparently moved down here because he enjoys being out in ridiculously hot weather (can’t wait to return to NYC). We attended the Sinesia Karol show during Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim fashion week and I can fully say without any reservations she is my favorite swim designer. The myriad of colors, cuts and patterns showed just a skill in design that you’re used to seeing out of Paris. Sinesia Karol’s collection makes you want to stay in spin class for one more hour to get sculpted for her swim fashion. See photos below.





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