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What’s a launch party without John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and a host of other eclectic celebrities? It’s not the Galore launch party I’ll tells ya. See photos below from what has to be one of the better kickoff parties during New York Fashion Week.

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Our publisher is a Paula Patton fan (he calls her a leggy goddess). So when she was spotted at the ESPY awards red carpet, I had to put it out. She was wearing a dress from THEIA adorned with Swarovski Crystals and metallic Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. The dress is available online at NewYorkDress.com and retails for $695.

Victoria Azarenka also showed up at the ESPY award wearing a nice number from JSBoutique.

Victoria Azarenka-EspyAwards-7-18-13

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My-wardrobe, the e-tailer for those in the know has re launched with a new look and more directed vision. The new look was unveiled at a party hosted at Sketch in London’s Mayfair to a crammed room of the fashion pack. Being London Fashion Week, it was prime time for gathering the crucial eyes of the editors from the UK and those travelling in the fashion month.

Giant projections around the room showed the various shoots, shot in beautiful locations, new layouts and a feel that definitely had those around to wanting to shop. After the greetings, speeches and thanks to the crowd I managed to talk CEO and Founder Sarah Curran, who explained the thinking behind the look and a few other changes.

Sarah introducing the new look site.

Emily: The relaunch for My-wardrobe showing a fresh new look, what were influencing factors to make the changes?

Sarah: Customer insight research showed us that our customer was slightly older than first thought and had a high expectation of what they wanted to see on site in terms of both designer and editorial content. It also confirmed that there is a huge demand for ‘everyday luxury’ designer clothing – those fabulous jeans, a killer heel, a beautifully tailored blazer, those must-have leather leggings, but it’s those items that fit into an everyday lifestyle. Whether its taking the children to school, going from the boardroom to a dinner or simply a weekend away, it’s the fabulous designer wardrobe items that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

E: What changes can we expect to see on the site?

S: The site now has a new photography aesthetic. It’s more street style with an emphasis on capturing looks and product within everyday situations.

We have introduced a new way of shopping the collections, by wardrobe type, which really is how most women shop. We also now let the customer see product styled in various ways to help inspire.

We have also introduced a Designer Room, Shoe Lounge and Bag Boutique with a new edit of our premium brands. our customers are time poor, she shops in the seams of her life so being able to direct her straight to what she wants is key.

We now also have new daily content from the front page. This means we can focus on key looks and trends for the season and react to what’s happening in the fashion world. We have also strengthened our authoritative tone by using fashion insiders from editors, stylists and bloggers. We want to be that trusted best friend so creating an environment and community that she feels is relevant to her was key.

E: Do you have a new intake of designers that you are selling to coincide with the relaunch?

S: From recent customer insight research we learnt that the level of brands that she expected to see and more importantly that she wanted to buy from the site was higher than we originally thought.  For SS11 we are delighted to see collections from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Preen Line, Bionda Castana, Camilla Skovgaard and M Missoni launch on my-wardrobe.com.

E: Which collections have you seen over the past few days here in London that stand out to you?

S: In London, the Giles, Christopher Kane, Erdem and Jonathan Saunders shows were fantastic. Each collection stood out with a new modern take on their signature design style. In New York, we saw 3.1 Phillip Lim, who is new for SS11. I have always been a big fan of 3.1 Phillip Lim. We both believe in the Everyday Luxury proposition, which makes it a reallly exciting partnership.

Giles show  (source: Fashionsmostwanted)

Erdem show (source: angiesmith)

E: Any tips for emerging trends in AW11?

S: There was a lot of red, tweed, mid-length skirts, belting to cinch in the waist and once again, outerwear being a key focus from cocoon-style coats, double breasted pea coats and wrap coats.

E: Who is your favourite designer?

S: That’s a hard one. It would be between Chloe, Isabel Marant and Preen Line.

E: Who inspires you?

S: My team inspire me every day. They are so passionate and creative.

E: What’s your top of your shopping list?

S: Bionda Castana black zip shoe boots.

source: my-wardrobe

E: If you are not at work where is your favourite place to be, and who with?

S: At home with my son Jake.

Trump Soho  (source: luxist.com)

E: When you come to New York where do you like to hang out, eat and drink?

S: I always stay at the Trump Soho, which is just amazing. We tend to go to Soho House for dinner and drinks, but we often go to the Standard Grill if it’s for a quick bite to eat.

And with those insights Sarah disappeared off into the sea of faces to take in the congratulations and enjoy the rest of the evening. If the reaction tonight is an indicator, its going to be a very busy year at My-W HQ.

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I am going to squeeze this Pre Fall post in just before the Fashion month kicks off in NY for AW11. I know other fashion weeks are happening, and I am not discounting them but me being a tad traditional, and plus I don’t think I can keep up with them all as I have a team of, well, 1, I stick to the fab four. I visited the Louis Vuitton press office in London yesterday to have a peek at the Pre Fall 11, and was not disappointed.

Feathers and fancy shoes


Shoes i love

Shoes i love - part 2

The fabulous 20’s of PG Woodhouse and Jeeves and Wooster sprang to mind as I saw the beautifully constructed luggage, elegant cashmere separates, wide legged trousers and suiting. Nothing dull here, but a refined quality, which you know you will always have at LV. The evening looks leapt into the fun of the time with sequins, feathers and furs adorning the flapper inspired dresses.

Evening sequins

Art Deco clutch

Deco Bag and acc's

As I have mentioned before, presentation is a big thing to me especially on the press day trail, it’s the little touches that can make a collection stick in the mind. Here the showroom was set up as a film set and the look book presented as a contact sheet of film in a photographic envelope. I.LOVE. IT. It just re enforced to me the idea of the collection, using the past methods and it sucked me right in and I probably could have stayed an awful lot longer than I did…

Look book


The Bags were displayed as solo artists in the spotlight and behind were prints following the construction process. This is clearly a very important point to the company as it was also seen last season in the magical trunk room at the LV store launch, a set was dedicated the story of the trunk making.



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In the basement of Harrods a new space has opened for the men. With a different concept to the rest of the Harrods department store, the feel of the space is far more contemporary in its looks and feels very masculine with the steel, concrete and mirror surroundings. It houses exclusive ranges from TopmanRaf by Raf Simons, Diesel and G Star and also a great selection of denim  including 7 for All Mankind and Natural Selection (a personal favourite).

A lovely boy from the TopMan Ad Campaign.

Whilst browsing the rails, we were served delicious cocktails from the barman at 69 Colebrooke Row (the bar with no name). The main ingredient was a vodka like spirit which is pretty potent so beware…

69 Colebrooke Row Bar staff knocking up a cocktail ….

The finished drink – as modelled by Gareth

The Mens Lab will also host various different events with DJ’s and upcoming bands in the dedicated music area. You will hear no complaints from your other half if you send them there to browse and buy whilst you get on with more important tasks, things like shoe shopping on the 1st floor.

Image above: courtesy of Harrods press office.

Emily Jerman lives in London, and is a freelance stylist and writer. She also contributes to PapierDoll Blog. For further information please go to: www.emilyjerman.com

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It never usually rains it pours in England, but then on the day of the Mackintosh store launch, where was the downpour? No where to be seen. Typical. The store is on the exclusive Mount Street in Mayfair, and sits neatly along side the labels of Christian Louboutin, Lanvin and Balenciaga, to name but a few. To compliment the space in design, Wonderwall Architects have created a light and modern look, but does not detract from the traditional heritage brand. Founder  Masamichi Katayama says of the project “my goal was to create restrained beauty, as it was important for Mackintosh to show that even their new collections are derived from history and archives”.

Center stage on the lower floor ladies room there is a glass cylinder in which a piece from the heritage range is hung. Tonight it was a vibrant red traditional mackintosh. It was surrounded by many collaborations, resulting in a rainbow of colour and print.

The Red mac with glass droplets of rain in the cylinder.

Rainbows and lace



As I passed by the gallery of hanging coats, they caught my eye. The stitching and attention to detail is quite astounding. Each Mac is hand made by a craftsman who has taken a three year apprenticeship to qualify to make these garments, this coat oozes refined style and quality.

The menswear is just as beautiful, if not more. It made me wonder what the smaller sizes were, just in case I decided that I should make a return visit to try some styles, all in the name of research, naturally. The finishing details used in the collars and trims set them on a level with the very best.

Funnel necks, linings and toggles

As I left into the clear dry evening, I willed it to rain, just a little, for the sake of the Mac.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributor to Papierblog. For further details visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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The scene: Our First Lady of Fashion, Vogue Paris, has been suddenly separated from its long time mentor and partner, Carine Roitfeld. As the news filters through the fashion world, the rumours begin…Disbelieving posts on Twitter and social media pages fill the silence and try to answer the question – who can save our Lady as she free falls into the unknown?  Still, the comment that makes me smile is from Derek Blasberg, “She (or he) has some seriously big over the knee high heeled lace-up Alaia shoes to fill.”

source: TheStyleSpy

As the cogs continue to turn and the debate rages on – where has Carine gone, what will she do and who with… a silent figure emerges from stage left – our new heroine. Enter Emmanuelle Alt.

As the Fashion Director of the title for as many years as Carine was Editor, she has made her own statements, in her own way.

source: nogoodforme.com

She knows the title well and will continue to create and expand the potential of this First Lady in Fashion. Bereft of make up and an understated, but no less polished, style of her own. She oozes Parisian street style chic, making us wish we could wear what she does so effortlessly, radiating poise and assurance.

source: stylebible.ph

With these qualities our new heroine should glide into the role. Bon Chance, although I don’t believe that much luck is needed.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance Fashion Stylist and writer. For more information click through www.emilyjerman.com

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After 10 years of e-commerce sales in the States, Ralph Lauren has launched in the UK. Having literally only just gone live it also coincided with the screenings the new 4d videos. The video represented 10 years of digital growth, showing many different parts of the well known brand, from the bags, leathers, runway to the sports and fragrance. All of which are now available from the UK site, whether on your computer or your Iphone you can now shop the American lifestyle, and if you choose, make it your own by customising certain pieces.

Ralph Lauren Store, London

These presentations were beamed across the fronts of the flag ships stores here in London, on Bond Street, and in NYC at Madison Avenue. Over here there were thick crowds, fighting the bitter chill to watch the much hyped spectacle. As we filed out of the store having been treated to champagne, nibbles and a rest bite from the cold, the music began, cheers started and then a hush as the picture story unfolded.

I have some stills and video footage of the presentation and for atmosphere they are definitely worth watching, but for quality filming leave to the professionals and here you can see how its supposed to look.

My films are in the following links – Ralph, Ralph 2, Ralph3

The filming and music was dramatic which befits the surroundings and what was being achieve both here and in New York.

Runway looks walked down the stairs towards us, then familiar pieces covered the windows – dressing them. After the cascading fragrance petals finale, Ralph popped out to say thanks in his smart/casual way, naturally epitomising all that is Ralph Lauren. That is probably why as a brand, it is so successful. It is him, he knows what he likes and is not trying to be some one different. However trying to keep up with the ever changing technology is important and I think from the crowds and comments this evening he has done just that.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributes to PapierDoll. For more information visit: www.emilyjerman.com

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One of the most highly anticipated collaborative collections has been revealed – to the press at least. With it there is a short film, which you can watch here, showing the collection growing in stages. A clever story of love, sex appeal, and inspiration. I have watched over and over, its hypnotic.

A blend of the iconic Lanvin design, material and touch of Alber has been brought to the masses. These are the millions that look up to him so much twice a year when he shows on the runway, and then silently sigh, or in my case weep, because it will always be a dream, not a reality that a piece of Lanvin will grace my wardrobe.

The menswear is just as exciting as the women’s range, and it fits well. A cheeky try on from a male journalist proved that the cut was quality. Over sized bow ties and metallic shoes embraced the quirkiness for the men, and they matched well with the classic of the trench and thin knit cardigans.

For the ladies its all out glamour, even the t-shirts illustrated by Alber’s designs are jewel encrusted and sequined.

illustration: alber elbaz

The extravagance of Lanvin is mirrored in the one shouldered puffs of silk, the many layers of tulle and ribbons which adorn the dresses and even the shoes.

source:H&M photographer: david sims

This is all before we even get to the packaging, which is as beautiful.

For the UK it is a selected store launch on November 23rd but its one week earlier for the US (lucky people). I made my Christmas list just in this one room, but there is no way this will be in store for that long. Anyway, I feel like I am rambling, and I think I need to summerise –

What ever you are doing on November 23rd, cancel it, the queues will be a long but so worth it at the end.

For now it’s back to the video on a loop and dreams of Lanvin gifts at my door.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributor to Papierblog. For further details visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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This Season there is an incredibly high number of retrospective exhibitions, anniversaries and book launches celebrating careers and talent in fashion. As you saw I went to the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition celebrating 20 years, Cavalli is celebrating his 40th year in the industry in practically every city. (If you are going to celebrate, do it in style best describes that one) Yves Saint Laurent had an epic run at the Petit Palais, Paris from March to August, but then he deserves all the time you can give as one of the founders’ of modern style. It would be difficult to drink in the whole exhibit in one go, plenty of reason to go back to Paris in my view.

The biggie in Paris this season was masked ball for the marking of French Vogue’s 90th anniversary. Everyone pulled out all the stops to shine. None more so than Anna dello Russo, in a custom made Gareth Pugh headdress and gown from Pucci. Tyra Banks went for the drama but with a recession busting piece for her mask – an old pair, well maybe she splashed out for the occasion,  of fishnets stretched over her head.

source:wishtv.com photographer:AP/Laurent Cipriani

source:wishtv.com photographer:AP/Laurent Cipriani

No doubt there will be a book to accompany the celebrations. With this, a belated birthday to Matthew Williamson, who also has a book released. Long time friend and muse Sienna Miller wrote the forward and the main author is fashion historian Colin McDowell. Inside there are countless pages illustrating his work using trademark vivid colour, from mood boards to fashion shoots. Rather than just images, at the beginning of each chapter there is text from various fashion insiders and friends as well as the reflective words from Colin McDowell.

Later in the year we can expect books from Cavalli, Kenzo (another anniversary) and in the Spring, Hussein Chalayan’s offering. This will be a personal favourite having had the pleasure of working on one of his runway shows.

As well as the book, there is an exhibition of photographs from Williamson’s work at Somerset House until February 2011.  I have a habit of leaving these things until its too late. Margiela, last day, Chalayan I actually missed – lets see if I can actually get to that one before the last day.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributor to Papierblog. For further details visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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