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Some take extensive lengths to show off accessorizing detail. From scarf, to bracelet, to shoulder pad and finally boot accessory, this is coordination.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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RAGAZZE ORNAMENTALI is conceptualized as “a ‘contemporary boudoir’ where the lightness of luxury, hand crafted quality and the expression of a sensual and unostentatious femininity are intimately mingled,” according to press materials. That’s a tall order, and one that a group of artists centered around designers Isabelle Bois and Valentina Tortorella hope to fill.

Their three sizes of clutches are available in four fabrics: calfskin and buffalo for everyday, pure silk satin for the evening and crocodile for a special purchase.

In a sea of fashionistas wearing the same oversized bag, you might like to look to RAGAZZE ORNAMENTALI for a little personalization in your wardrobe. Available beginning in July.

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If we had a feature called picture of the day, this would be the picture of the day for Monday. It comes to use from the Times UK and is simply way too beautiful for just a meandering glance. The main thrust is the huge rope chain pearls. You know that passe’ thing called diamonds that are supposed to be a girls best friend? Well pearls are the new diamond. The bigger (similar to huge handbags) the better. There is such a thing as too big, but all in all, we’re happy getting a nice set of pearls for the summer and possibly early Fall.


They’re faux. Faux-pearl necklaces, from £8 each, Accessorize (0844 8110068)

via: Times Online

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Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs

If Marc Jacobs’ intention is re-purposing West Side Story in these kitten heels, his job is more than accomplished. While everyone is going for the uncomfortably high skyscraper heels that take about a month to break in (ask Mrs. Paltrow-Martin), Jacobs has decidedly gone in a different direction for the retail folks. Witness a recent trip to the Eluxury online store and the finding of several lower heeled variants. It’s not as if the medieval shoe craze: buckled 6-inch t-strapped pumps, patent booties and bootie-mules are going to go away, but there’s hope in Jacobs jaunt to comfortably stylish shoe world.

Marc Jacobs

Mrs. Beckham’s noduled feet can finally exhale.

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The Times Online today looks at what is becoming a troubling fashion trend (at least to me). There seems to be this growing need to make male fashions feminine. Coming straight from the runways of Milan and into the stores sometime this fall are wedges…for men. While some men may marvel at the thought of suddenly becoming taller, there’s a serious question of how womanly do you want your masculine man to look? At the Papierdoll fashion week event in February there were several men wearing male versions of pumps. Yes, there are male versions of pumps. The manly men that chose to wore manly shoes, looked at their pump wearing counterparts as if they were some sort of freakshow attraction.

The point is, maybe there is something to this whole wedges for men, but there may be a point where guys say enough already with the emasculation of our species. We won’t wear wedges that look like they came from the Wizard of Oz.

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Some here at Papierdoll (who will go unnamed) just can’t understand the allure of Tory Burch to the fashion public at large. Not that our understanding as a body is a prerequisite for her success (as illustrated by her recent CFDA win), but it would be nice to understand where EVERYONE else is coming from. Is it the sheer number of accessories that she has in her collection? Is it the art behind the creation? Is it her prolific skill in designing accessories? One of our editors who is happy to remain anonymous for fear of enormous backlash from the Tory army gave 3 photos to illustrate his point (Ethan), and says their is inconsistency.

Tory Burch

I am in the Tory corner simply because of these sandals:

Tory Burch

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Karen Walker

Cool disguise ad campaign notwithstanding, Karen Walker’s sunglasses are famous for ranging from the understated (admittedly very few fall into this category), to the outlandish (the bulk can apply here). The great thing though is that you will never be at a loss for a pair of sunglasses that will get the attention of EVERYONE. If there’s one simple wish and the general thinking is that it is possible, it would be to make the shades just a tad bit darker. Yes, you may want that person to know that you’re looking at him/her, but then again, you might not, why play with fire?

online: www.karenwalker.com

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