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I’ve been noticing for some time now that the young, hip, Londoner crowd is mad for stone washed denim.  Every fashionista from Agnyness Deyn to Alexa Chung seems to revere this rinse.  It comes in jumpers, jackets, pants, leggings, shorts, corsets, and tops; and they wear it all.  All you need to do is hop on to topshop.com to see the chicest and most wanted high street offerings.

I’d like to pen a telegram to these eighties denim loving babies:

Trainspotting came out thirteen years ago.  stop.  yes it’s the most important contribution the UK has ever made to youth culture. stop.  but it’s time to get over it and move on.  stop.  there’s more to fashion than imitating a desperate heroin addict and his friends’ poverty stricken attire.  stop.

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Agyness Deyn

Loyalty is something few have in the fashion industry. Few except supermodel, fashion queen, cancer curer, water walker, sexiest woman alive, Agyness Deyn can stake their claim to being loyal. This none more so the case than today when Hint’s blog announced to the waiting world that Agyness actually left her booker/agency and went to Women Model Management. She was at DNA and resided in London but when her booker left DNA, she left too. I guess friendship really does mean something, or it could just be a ‘I’m comfortable doing business with this person’ type of thing.

Regardless, women model management makes out very big by having Deyn as a client and New York makes out as well. Apparently the model, who has been seen traipsing around New York City is doing so , because she lives here now. It could be London’s higher cost of living (though New York is no slouch), it could be the food, whatever it is, Aggy is here now. A word of advice, steer clear of the hot dog stands. They’re tempting but will add pounds like you wouldn’t believe.

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Agyness Deyn

So there are two Burberry posts today and the explanation will come later in this one. Traveling over to the new Burberry site (they switch it up every couple of months or so) you’ll find this video on the front page featuring none other than mega model Agyness Deyn. She must be a millionaire several times over at this point. She’s possibly the hardest working model in the industry. The video has the jumping thing that photographers and video directors are so way into right now (it has a bout 15 second left on the fashion stage). The interesting thing besides Aggy being all over the place is how Burberry has transformed itself from stodgy label to colorful fun times Burberry.

It’s as if someone awoke the English giant from it’s slumber and said, hey.. you can be fun too. So while it’s safe to assume that the customary trench from Bailey will always be a apart of the uniform, color is in as well.

View the video here.

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Vogue UK

This Agyness Deyn thing is getting way out of control model of the year for this, exclusive contract that and now the cover of Vogue UK? Is this simply the beginning of the new age of supermodel stardom. Arguably the last batch of supermodels came in the form of Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen and one or two others. Deyn is obviously destined to be that next uber-model-star and so the count of how many covers she will make this year and runways shows she will walk in begins now.

The Vogue UK issue hits newstands this June.

What she’s wearing:

Agyness Deyn wears cotton waistcoate, £359, Ann Demeulemeester at Dover Street Market. Cotton vest, £25, All SAints. Cotton shorts, £85, Burberry London. Necklace, £2,250, Louis Vuitton. Sandals, £630, Givenchy. All make-up by Givenchy.

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Megan Fox, Agyness Deyn

Your on this FASHION BLOG and you’re wondering what does fashion have to do with some inane mouth breathing poll conducted by a bunch of chauvinist. Here’s the explanation: the model of the year, Agyness Deyn and the World’s Sexiest Woman are polar opposites.

There could be a variety of reasons for this. It could be that the men in the fashion industry aren’t exactly straight and love girls with a certain boyish charm, it could be that women find the virtues of this model to be far superior to that of Megan Fox, who incidentally is… THE WORLD’S SEXIEST WOMAN. It could just be that the average male’s perception of beauty is diametrically opposed to a woman’s perception of beauty. So without getting all philosophical and fumbling on an explanation, the question is raised why is the world’s sexiest woman and the model of the year, two different people?

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