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Australia Fashion Week

Australia Fashion Week must have hit the big time as backstage photos were published on Hintmag.com late last week. The veteran fashion site just their usual awesome backstage shots from designers Akira, Antipodium, Kirrily Johnson, Romance was Born and Wayne Cooper. If there’s one thing that can be gleaned from the Australia fashion week event is that Simon Lock may be on to something when he stated that Sydney is becoming the fifth fashion capital of the world.

Whether that distinction is worth a mention is arguable, but discussions aside, the want, need, have crowd have added Sydney designers to their shortlist. See the back stage photos here.

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Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester favorite within the hallowed halls of Papierdoll ended up apologizing after her show during Australia Fashion Week. The New Zealand designer apologized to returning servicemen after adorning her models with fake medals during her fashion show. An Australian military official said that the use of the medals was “appalling and sickening”. Possibly the most egregious use of a medal was the New Zealand Operational Service medal given to veterans who served in extreme and/or hazardous conditions. Continue Reading …

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Kirrily Johnston

til the break of dawn. I am loving the coverage of Australian fashion week and to be perfectly honest, although there’s been this sort of lull because we’ve suffered from fashion week exhaustion, this one comes at the right time. We’re in the midst of recharging and, BLAM.. new collections from Kirrily Johnston, Josh Goot and many others. Keep an eye on this space for more photos later this week.

This photo is from the Kirrilu Johnston show that happened this past weekend.

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Kit Willow-Podgornik has decided not to show her collection during Australia Fashion Week according to Stuff.co.nz. Willow, who actually held a show during New York fashion week in February has opted to show in her first Sydney store during her opening party a couple of days before fashion week. Her store is also set to function as an art gallery where she will rotate collection that will be sold to the public every two months.

Visit the Willow website here.

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Monika Jagaciak

How young is too young? According to the folks at Australia fashion week 14 is just about the age when using young models becomes a little obscene. iPapier looks at that today regarding the banning of young models at Australia fashion week. One of the primary concerns according to the folks at Australia Fashion Week is not only that it’s exploitative, it also affects older women and their own body images. So the question now becomes when is the line drawn? 14? 15? 16? 17? Australia fashion week says 18 is just about right. Some tennis stars go pro at 17, is modeling any different? The model that caused this brouhaha in case you’re wondering is 14 year old Monika Jagaciak. She’s been in Calvin Klein ads, Hermes ads, Harper’s Bazaar. Word is Dov Charney is dying to get his camera on her.

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