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If you’re wondering what designers are saying for the Fall look no further than Fall fashion week held way back in Spring. Take for example some of the designers here. Now mind you, no one here has carried out any substantive interviews with these designers, this is purely supposition so take everything with a grain of salt. There’s a happiness in throwing out a disclaimer and disclaiming said disclaimer. So throughout the day today I created a rundown of collections from designers that I simply love for the Fall season. I outline them in the next series of posts.

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Peter Som’s quick appearance at Bill Blass made me take note at what could have been for season’s to come from the famous design house. Som made Blass something it never could claim to be: mysterious. That level of intrigue makes me hope for a Blass comeback soon. See below:

Bill Blass

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They say that Bill Blass as a company is on life support. They say that with the recent departure of Peter Som things are only going to get worse. The parent company is quickly running out of cash. They say all of these things and some wonder if even mentioning Bill Blass is worth it. Personally, Bill Blass is one collection I look forward to seeing. The crowds have dwindled over the years for flashier spectacles and designers that are synonymous with major buzzwords, but when you have a favorite, nothing else matters and the big picture is that I am rooting for Bill Blass..especially with these flashes of brilliance:

Bill Blass
photo: Kevin Kane for Papierdoll

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Bill Blass
photography Ali Manning

One of the last fashion weeks done by designer Michael Vollbracht.

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NordstromIt’s always interesting to find out what actually will bee out and about during the Fall. You have to understand first of all that what we see on the runways are not usually what ends up on our person. A good percentage of the time, you will only see what buyers think are going to be the next big thing. You may even find yourself wondering where that Balenciaga coat went if it’s not a popular item with buyers. This makes the retailer preview shows all the more important. Short of going to the designers themselves and asking for a specially made piece, your only bet in getting exactly what you want from the runways is actually taking a look at the retailer shows.

Nordstrom’s held just such an event and a personal favorite from the Vera Wang came down the runway that had me delighted. I will actually be able to buy this dress that has been a coveted want since February. It’s just so darned intricately wonderful. Donna Kato of the San Jose Mercury news went through all the items that Nordstrom showed off this season and the buyers hit their mark. Several runway favorites are coming this August/September including pieces from Stella McCartney, Derek Lam, Missoni, Valentino, Michael Kors, Bill Blass, Peter Som, Burberry Prorsum.

There are tons of reasons to look forward to fall. Read the entire article here.

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Bill Blass

Just coming off of a major show and this news came out this morning. There’s something cruel and wrong going on in this world.

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Bill Blass

There is absolutely no denying that Peter Som’s collection for Bill Blass is a marked departure for the historically safe collection. Whereas Michael Vollbracht rarely ventured into the all dress up version, Peter Som did just that for Blass’ fall collection. There was always a mix of sport, dress-up, casual, and formal with Vollbracht. Even with the pre-fall showing back a couple of months ago, Som almost mislead into thinking it would be business as usual. Alas, it was not to be. What is to be for Fall and what folks can look forward to is a bit of retro Blass (think the golden late 60s early 70s) mixed in with Som’s enigmatic styling.

(as an aside: we were late in getting our photo galleries up, but there’s a bunch of detail shots going up later today) For more runway photos visit here.