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As its Valentines weekend I thought I’d write a bit about lovely things. The Burberry Prorsum SS11 show produced a long list of coveted items for me as they sashayed down the mirrored runway last September. The metallic shades, pops of neon and studded skins had everyone in a spin. Biker chic had firmly planted its feet here, British style. Balmain has been the leader in rock looks for many a season but after the hype of the Aviator show last season, Christopher Bailey turned his eye to the house trench to re invent, and produced “the nice girl turned tough.” Not quite as naughty as the French but naughty enough for the English.

Burberry SS11

source: style.com photographer: Yannis Vlamos

Unlike Balmain’s rawness of ripped jeans and shorts, underneath at Burberry there were slips of silk ruffle dresses, really they were tiny, trimmed in leather, keeping the tone mildly more restrained. Of course there were exceptions, namely the silver foil skin tight trousers, but then there always are.

source: style.com photographer: Monica Feudi / GoRunway.com

Burberry SS11

source: style.com photographer: Yannis Vlamos

In general I think valentines gifts are uncalled for, unless you have a point to make, usually a ridiculous one in my case, something along the lines of : you can/must only love me if you buy me the bankrupt-able biker jacket I oh so adore from Burberry… If the studded skin and metallic leather jackets are out of the price bracket, no matter how many post its, cut outs from magazines (of his favourite ladies in said jacket is bonus) you leave trailing around the house, you could always go for an investment pieces instead: Bags. As every girl know you can never have too many of them, or shoes. Fact.


If all of the above fails in securing the lusted after item, you could set his computer to show the Burberry RTW runway show as it happens in London next week, all with handy little reminders that you can buy the looks just after the show. You know, just in case he needed any help with presents for your upcoming birthday/anniversary or something …..

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Burberry Prorsum, which usually shows during Milan Fashion Week, will be returning home to the UK for the Spring 2010 celebration of the 25th Anniversary of London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Council.

Burberry will also host an event at their new London headquarters after they close LFW on September 22.

“London is our home — it’s the heart of this global luxury brand and the center of all our creativity,” creative director Christopher Bailey told WWD.

“We are so excited to be showing during London Fashion Week and particularly to be part of its historic 25th anniversary,” Bailey said. “We are incredibly proud of our Britishness and this is really a wonderful opportunity to celebrate that in our home city.”

Burberry is so British, it’s always been kind of strange that Prorsum showed in Milan. I’d like to see this be a permanent change, but I doubt it will be.


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Andre3000, you know, the flamboyant one of Outkast with his hit song “Hey Ya” has created a fashion line that matches his level of flair. You knew about this since last year because I blogged about it in an earlier life. But this time Andre Benjamin has some more info on who should wear his clothing line. Andre has leaning of an Anglophile. He loves the Burberry aesthetic and the Bixby line is filled with plaid items and colors you would only find on a dandy. But I am stalling.

3000 wants none other than Prince Charles wearing his collection. In an unnamed interview he says that

England taught America to dress. You guys showed us how to dress smartly and then we made it cool. We made it less formal, though men know how to wear a suit in London

he also remarks how dapper the royals would look in his collection

“I could see Prince Charles in one of my shirts – top dollar. Wills and Harry also rock. The princes are doing a great job with their looks.

Maybe I can get them into some Benjamin Bixby and they’ll be even cooler. Winston Churchill was one cool dude, too. He always looked dapper”

The charge for celebrity wear continues. Benjamin may be the next casualty at the celebritywear cemetary, but he’s been pretty successful as an artist with all of the things he’s done. Don’t be surprised if you see Charles wearing something in the Bixby line.

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It’s no secret that some here have a Burberry fetish. It’s a fetish slash obsession. The fetish ranges from the various trenches that some of us love to wear, to the constant accessories that show up around this time of fall. This time though there are actual pieces from the fall collections that are becoming favorites in our designer playlist (by the way, I’m putting a designer playlist on Papierblog together for the fall). Being added to said playlist is this skirt from Burberry. It’s high-waisted, frilly (without being annoyingly girly and can go with a couple of things in the closet.

I say a couple, because honestly this skirt is too unique to have a go with everything vibe. Get it and anything and anything of or related to it this Fall.

via: Nylon Magazine October 2008 issue

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Burberry Raincoat

We published a news story early this morning that looked at the increase in sales at Burberry, particularly in the US. While my esteemed colleague and counterpart Meghan went through numbers and all the boring details explaining how Burberry managed to increase sales in the US, I have the luxury of looking qualitatively at how they pulled off the feat. Quite simply, Christopher Bailey is a genius.

He’s not reinventing the wheel over at Burberry creating outlandish pieces that serve little purpose from season to season. What you have at Burberry is quite simply a never ending story of fashion that works not from season to season, but overall. You’re literally talking about wearing a trench from 10 years ago that works even with today’s fashion. Which leads to the thought that whatever is timeless in fashion can and will continue to sell.

The article notes that sales have increased across the board (with the exception of Spain), and so naturally there’s more than just the timeless quality of Bailey’s work. There’s marketing, distribution and all that other stuff that cooks within the success recipe. So in this sense cause really does = effect. Timeless clothing means higher sales. Make no mistake: the base ingredient is timeless fashion. I can easily rattle off the names of designers that sell trendy items that won’t last into the next season, but rattling off the timeless fashion houses like Burberry is an exercise in futility. Can you name a couple of timeless designers?

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Agyness Deyn

So there are two Burberry posts today and the explanation will come later in this one. Traveling over to the new Burberry site (they switch it up every couple of months or so) you’ll find this video on the front page featuring none other than mega model Agyness Deyn. She must be a millionaire several times over at this point. She’s possibly the hardest working model in the industry. The video has the jumping thing that photographers and video directors are so way into right now (it has a bout 15 second left on the fashion stage). The interesting thing besides Aggy being all over the place is how Burberry has transformed itself from stodgy label to colorful fun times Burberry.

It’s as if someone awoke the English giant from it’s slumber and said, hey.. you can be fun too. So while it’s safe to assume that the customary trench from Bailey will always be a apart of the uniform, color is in as well.

View the video here.

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