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“Cher, what are you wearing?”
“A dress!”
“Says who?”
“Calvin Klein!”

Who doesn’t remember that scene and that killer skintight white mini on Alicia Silverstone in Clueless? Ilaria Urbinati of L.A.’s Confederacy remembered it so well she recited it to Francisco Costa himself and has convinced him to recreate the design. The original pattern was found in Italy and the dress has been recreated for Calvin Klein Collection with a price tag of $915. It will be available at Confederacy.

Now what about that other “totally important designer,” Alaia?

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Calvin Klein

Flip open the pages of any fashion magazine and you were likely to see the latest creation from Calvin Klein. The party in New York during fashion week was tight (or so I hear from those who attended), and now the Fall collection graces the racks of stores. It’s not just denim insiders at the company will say they are trying to push this season. It is everything. In terms of fashion, the season is going to be a success. A pick from the Calvin Klein collection is this knit with ribbed detailing along the edges and at the neckline.

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Security is going to be tighter than at the Republican National coverage (ok, that’s not saying much) But for those who enjoy finding inventive ways of being in places they have absolutely no business, this is the ultimate crash. Here’s the 411:

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is celebrating his 40th anniversary in the fashion industry. The company reportedly spent $3 million to make this happen and flew in smoothly shaved filipino cabana boys as waiters (ok, they’re partially shaved), thye commissioned an architect to build the temporary structure over rail yards on the far west side of Manhattan. Tons of celebrities are going to be there, the foie gras is being flown in directly from Paris and some super secret female vocalist is going to perform.

We won’t know who she is until the curtains go up. Some of what was said here is completely made up, but the party is real and the amount of money spent is extremely real. There will be no crash quite like this one.I can’t giveaway how I will be attempting my crash but just think Bruce Lee in Chinese Connection.

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Francisco Costa

Some are openly asking why did Francisco Costa win the CFDA award for Best Womenswear Designer this year. It’s a fair question to ask out in the open (but don’t let too many hear you). Costa forms a symbiotic relationship with the female form and answers the question, how do I wear this? Instead of over embellishing a piece he stays true to the Calvin Klein mantra of simplicity through beauty with slight touches of sophistication. So the question in this gushing appraisal of CFDA’s womenswear designer of the year award is not why he received it, the question is, why not?

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Calvin Klein

If you’re looking for a reason to buy a pair of undergarments that may or may not be shown to the general public, get a pair of Calvin’s they are uber comfortable. Theoretically wearing nothing but a pair around the house on a lazy day is absolutely a must, it’s called breaking it in. Of particular note from this season is this tan hip-lover. To those who are shopping, they are offering a deal where you can get 3 for $27… but we’re not Thriftychick, for that...go here.