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Oh I would carry out all types of threats to wear this number from Oscar De La Renta. Anna Hathaway, watch your back!! But seriously, she looked rather stunning in this ensemble from De La Renta with accompanying bag by troubled designer Jimmy Choo. Vogue super photographer Mario Testino shot this for the Vogue November issue. Far be it from me to question the infinite wisdom of the fashion editors at Vogue but the menswear seemed somewhat lacking and unimaginative. Tuxes and tophats were the best they could do for a formal? The women are elegantly dressed enjoying a high society evening and the men look as if they are going to the prom. But again, I dare not question the genius of the folks at Vogue. Hathaway herself was styled gorgeously wearing the aforementioned Oscar De La Renta, Isaac Mizrahi,Carolina Herrera and Marchesa. The November issue hits newsstands now.

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Never one to hold back, Cathy Horyn dug into Anna Wintour’s brainchild in a candid interview on The Daily Beast. In Jacob Bernstein’s candid interview with the top fashion critic, Horyn touches on several topics including for her dislike of shopping, her ability to be a thorn in the side of certain designers including Carolina Herrera, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Helmut Lang, Nicole Miller, and Oscar de la Renta (who banned her from their shows at one point or another.) and the reasons she destroys designers during fashion week (hint: it’s only intentional if the designer makes it so). On the topic of Fashion’s Night Out Horyn makes no bones about her wanting it to be a failure, she says, “I hope it doesn’t go on…I don’t want it to continue… You know, we’re a nation of shoppers. That’s how people spend their time, shopping online, shopping in stores, acquiring. And I feel like we perpetuate that with Fashion’s Night Out. What are you really celebrating? Not art or great books. You’re celebrating shopping.” Ouch.

The full interview can be read here on the Daily Beast website.

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So we’re toiling away in the saltmines to bring you detail photos from fashion week. Some of our recent updates include:

Diesel Black Gold, Gottex, Carolina Herrera, Luca Luca, Peter Som, Twinkle (Sam’s favorite), Akiko Ogawa and Diane von Furstenberg. See all the photos here.

There are over 20 photo galleries now with over 1,000 photos. Should keep you busy for awhile. This is currently one of my top pieces from the season, can’t entirely explain why. I’ve just seemed to form an emotional attachment to this dress (from B Michael Spring 2009 Collection.):

B Michael

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This one comes from the Carolina Herrera show this past fashion week

Erin Fetherston
photography Kevin Kane

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Anna Wintour

I’m never one to care whether someone wears a look two, three, or even four times in the same week. Except if that someone is Queen Bee, Anna “Nuclear” Wintour. Wintour was caught wearing the same dress (a beautiful floral print shift by Carolina Herrera) three times in the same week (from June 24th to July 1st). Sacrilege!!! Even Anna’s not immuned from the downward spiral of the American economy. That’s if you find significance in recycling a look to the dreaded recession that America is falling deeper into. Read and view all details here.

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photography Mike Brown

photography Mike Brown
(taken at New York Fashion Week)

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Carolina HererraThe editors at Papierdoll are all about retro. They long for the days of Diana Vreeland, Pirelli Calendar girls and having a first lady with style. So upon stumbling on a tiny retrospective on Style.com of Carolina Hererra it was impossible not to point out one particular photo. It slightly scares us because we’re not getting any younger and younger folks seem to be doing just that. The only exception to that rule is Demi Moore but there’s a rumor going around that she harvests the skin of the young is some sort of skin cellar in Idaho, though you may have to take that ghastly rumor with a grain of salt. The photo in question in the Style retrospective is of Carolina Herrera and Mick Jagger (yes he was young at one point). The great thing is that upon first inspection you can really tell if it really truly is Mick. Then you’ll look at the lips and can come to no other conclusion. That is Jagger in all his glory with a young Carolina. What’s particularly interesting is the fact that Herrera will rightly receive the Geoffrey Beene award in June from the CFDA.

We’re happy for Herrera and can’t get over the fact that Mick Jagger was once young.

Photo: Style.com/Herrera Archives

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