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Hintmag.com recently interviewed Chanel’s Jacques Polge. For those of you living under a rock or other type of crevice, Polge is Chanel’s perfumer. If you’re wearing some type of Chanel perfume right now, chances are Polge came up with it via Alchemy and quite a bit of perfume sorcerers magic. In the interview he explains to Stéphane Gaboué of Hint how he came up with Egoïste via Ernest Beaux’s (creator of No. 5) early creation Bois des Iles. He tells how Americans sanitized the perfume industry:“You know, I started my career in the United States. Perfumes were then made of both good-smelling and bad-smelling ingredients. But the bad-smelling ingredients, when used in a certain way, brought something sensual and interesting to the final scent. The first time I arrived at work, they told me, “You want to work here? Then smell this.” They made me smell chives. With American puritanism, all these kinds of fragrances disappeared.” He also discusses the now infamous Egoiste commercial (be careful if you watch it you’ll play it over and over again).

Read the entire interview here.

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Yeah, I passed by the Chanel store to escape the madness that was Bloomingdales and Macy’s in Midtown. But guess what. It was even more mad downtown. Here’s photographic proof that Fashion’s Night Out is starting to rival Fashion Week itself (yes it’s hyperbole, but not by much).

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Karl Lagerfeld

I have to tell you, that deep inside I have some sort of wanton lust for Karl Lagerfeld. The man is a raving genius. Though Manolo makes fun of him from time to time, he has got what it takes to always surprise. I use his interview with the New York Times as an example. So let me set the scene.

The New York Times interviewer is at the Chanel Mobile Art exhibit at Central Park in New York. She interviews Padma Lakshmi who says she loves it. Then she interviews the artist that is being spotlighted by Chanel, Zaha Hadid. She interviews Hadid who says she loves the space it’s great. She interviews Zac Posen who loves it as well. Then she gets Karl Lagerfeld. Mind you Karl Lagerfeld has his hands all over Chanel now. So what does he say when she asks him about the space? I am paraphrasing of course: “I don’t like it..it’s too cramped.. nothing against the artwork or the artist but I would have liked it if it was empty.”

See the video here.

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Papierdoll Recommends:


Those of us who can, do. So when I was forwarded this information on Portero.com’s Chanel Luxury auction I thought of fellow Papierblog readers who wanted to raise their virtual paddles and bid online. It is for a good cause: owning a Chanel bag once in your life. The saving endangered wax candle charities can wait, because for once in your life you can do something for you. The Chanel Luxury Auction goes online June 19th through 30th. Visit Portero.com for more info.

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Papierdoll Recommends (with some trepidation):


The majority of folks at Papierdoll hate wearing logos or anything of that nature on our sleeves, our feet are a completely different matter. These calfskin and wood platform sandals with the large Chanel signature are effing beautiful. It makes you forget that some sort of animal was used in creating this product and a tree was chopped down for the heel. Then we write some sort of eco-sentence to remind you of that fact. We suck.

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Amy Winehouse

You have to wonder if deep down Cavalli is doing this to sort of tweak Karl Lagerfeld. The Times Online UK is reporting Roberto Cavalli and and Amy Winehouse may have been (or may be) collaborating on something. The ambiguity doesn’t end there. No, as a matter of fact it continues with her agent adding fire to the speculation basically stating that it’s not the first time she’s been approached by a variety of fashion companies and designers (Lagerfeld?) for some sort of pdiddy-like collabo. See the only thing is that Lagerfeld said months ago that his muse for a recent collection was Winehouse.

…recent speculation that Roberto Cavalli is about to loop Amy Winehouse into some kind of financial love-in. Nothing has been signed, you understand, but Cavalli’s spokesperson confirms that he “adores” the singer and that they have been in talks. Even more amazingly, Winehouse’s agent says this isn’t the first time that she has been approached by a fashion company.

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