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Damn. I saw these on AnotherMag’s website in red…then went to Net A Porter’s website to see if I could get them in Red. I sometimes am a mindless drone and will purchase what’s put directly in front of me. So I go to Net-a-Porter and what do I see? They only have it in Black. Damn you YSL…Damn you Anothermag. How could you tease a girl so? So I’m dedicating the rest of my afternoon to finding a shopping site that has this velvety fur goodness in red. Help.. shoot me an e-mail karene@papierdoll.net if you find one before I do.

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Would you wear this? That was a rhetorical question, of course you would. And that’s what I’m finding out about United Nude. Our publisher noted that we’d have a giveaway with them this month, but I was completely oblivious to the designer/brand until I checked out the collection. Normally you find designs with impossibly high price-points but somehow Rem D. Koolhaas and Galahad Clark the architects behind the brand have found a way to get sweetspot pricepoints for architecturally beautiful shoes. Reminiscent of geodesic domes and all things geometrically shaped (with a heaping spoonful of stunning style), these guys have come up with a collection of shoes rivaled by not many. So in a Tuesday homage to fashion, United Nude I salute you.

Enter the United Nude Giveaway here
Visit the United Nude website here

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There was a blogging, facebooking and twittering going on all over Manhattan and pretty much anywhere you went to in New York City (this includes our cherished 5 boros). Roxanne and I were looking for nuggets though. There were so many events and places to be finding a diamond in the rough wasn’t exactly going to be easy. That was the case until we stumbled into United Nude. The designer shoe company set the world a blaze with it’s high end, reasonably priced shoes. At Fashion’s Night Out though, United Nude put on a display unlike any other. Imagine a wall of intricately designed geometrically complex shoes. There were tetrahedrons, octagonal shapes and much more. It was like a trip to 8th grade math class only fun.

This was a nugget among a variety of stores primarily because we’ve seen a lot of the other items at stores in some way, shape or form. The difference with United Nude is the ability to purchase an extremely sophisticated shoe at under $200. Why are the pricepoints so low? Robert Cotton, one of the head guys at United Nude stayed mum on the subject (trade secrets and other business jargon) but needless to say United Nude shoes is on the list of top fashion items to have for the season.

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6 Inch Heels

How does one walk on 6 inch heels? Simple. Have a guy hold you up as you’re walking. That was the Gwyneth Paltrow solution as she walked in her 6 inch heels. The New York Daily News has an article on that topic and while they don’t cover any new ground the photo gallery alone of models falling in their heels is worth the price of admission. Have heels gotten out of control? In a word yes. 6 inch heels cause nodules on your feet, ask Posh. The solution according to the article is wearing a mix of flats at times and then wearing heels. Designers are not creating heels for comfort, the very notion is anti-thetical to what heels are all about. Heels are meant to be beautiful, almost artlike (see Louboutin post earlier this week).

So to answer the original question: How does one walk on 6 inch heels, practice, practice practice.

Speaking of shoes, DSW has finally opened their online store.

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