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Off scripted items happen during fashion week in New York all the time. Some are funny, this looks to be not. If you’re going to streak at the Prabal Gurung show, we recommend a proper streak, be entirely naked and run on down. Or Not.


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The Ports1961 show in February should have been called and now for something different. Everything seemed out of place for Fall fashion week. Again, this was a good thing. One of the most tiring things for a writer and a photographer is to go to see a series of collections back to back and watch the same basic trends in collections. Ports 1961 was anything but the same old same old. This collection comes highly recommended for the Fall season. The most specific example of what you’ll want from the collection is this interesting take on a trench/dress. Scrumptious:


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We interview Joanna Mastroianni back in 2005. At that time every celebrity worth a grain of fashionable salt wanted to wear her gowns or dresses. Eva Longoria was spotted wearing a stunning red dress on Page Six and all of a sudden she was the talk of the town. Mastroianni played it both naughty and nice for the season. This dress is a mix of the naughty and nice:

Joanna Mastroianni

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The Cynthia Steffe collection this fall was not entirely surprising when looking back at the collection in February. The fact that the designer played it safe wasn’t a bad thing. It was a great thing. It showed that he had mastery and knowledge of a Cynthia Steffe customer. Furthermore he put together this wonderful coat that is waiting to be worn at every possible occasion this season:

Cynthia Steffe

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Patrick D. Wade

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