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Oh I would carry out all types of threats to wear this number from Oscar De La Renta. Anna Hathaway, watch your back!! But seriously, she looked rather stunning in this ensemble from De La Renta with accompanying bag by troubled designer Jimmy Choo. Vogue super photographer Mario Testino shot this for the Vogue November issue. Far be it from me to question the infinite wisdom of the fashion editors at Vogue but the menswear seemed somewhat lacking and unimaginative. Tuxes and tophats were the best they could do for a formal? The women are elegantly dressed enjoying a high society evening and the men look as if they are going to the prom. But again, I dare not question the genius of the folks at Vogue. Hathaway herself was styled gorgeously wearing the aforementioned Oscar De La Renta, Isaac Mizrahi,Carolina Herrera and Marchesa. The November issue hits newsstands now.

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“Special Prices for Creative Living” is how the Spanish retailer Mango is describing its new selection of low priced items.

I’m starting to like the way various industries are reacting to the recession, first Chase and Bank of America are going to reduce overdraft fees, and now Mango is reducing its prices!

Mango will be offering over 90 items with the “think up” label attached starting at $24.90.  So basically we’re going from Zara prices  to H&M and Forever 21 on select pieces. 

In addition to the clothing, Mango is going to launch a thinkup blog. The intention will be to have a forum for describing its line and create a community to promote ingenuity in dressing.  According to Mango, customers shouldn’t have to give up “life’s little treats.”

I concur.

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Autumn Fashion

This photo story published in the October 2008 issue of Papierdoll was shot by Patrick Clinton. Patrick Clinton is a New York based photographer by way of Sweden. When we asked how he came to New York his response was simple and to the point: How does anyone come to New York. This season he shot a story filled with looks from a variety of designers displaying an around-about town direction. View the complete photo story here.

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Calvin Klein

Flip open the pages of any fashion magazine and you were likely to see the latest creation from Calvin Klein. The party in New York during fashion week was tight (or so I hear from those who attended), and now the Fall collection graces the racks of stores. It’s not just denim insiders at the company will say they are trying to push this season. It is everything. In terms of fashion, the season is going to be a success. A pick from the Calvin Klein collection is this knit with ribbed detailing along the edges and at the neckline.

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If you’re wondering what designers are saying for the Fall look no further than Fall fashion week held way back in Spring. Take for example some of the designers here. Now mind you, no one here has carried out any substantive interviews with these designers, this is purely supposition so take everything with a grain of salt. There’s a happiness in throwing out a disclaimer and disclaiming said disclaimer. So throughout the day today I created a rundown of collections from designers that I simply love for the Fall season. I outline them in the next series of posts.

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The Ports1961 show in February should have been called and now for something different. Everything seemed out of place for Fall fashion week. Again, this was a good thing. One of the most tiring things for a writer and a photographer is to go to see a series of collections back to back and watch the same basic trends in collections. Ports 1961 was anything but the same old same old. This collection comes highly recommended for the Fall season. The most specific example of what you’ll want from the collection is this interesting take on a trench/dress. Scrumptious:


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Peter Som’s quick appearance at Bill Blass made me take note at what could have been for season’s to come from the famous design house. Som made Blass something it never could claim to be: mysterious. That level of intrigue makes me hope for a Blass comeback soon. See below:

Bill Blass

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This was the show before the last show when Heatherette called it quits (or something like calling it quits). Here’s to hoping they come back soon, no one throws a show (or an after party) like Heatherette.

photography Mike Brown

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Papierdoll Recommends:


The fashions Gods should bless Nordstrom in every possible way. Nordstrom, sent bloggers like those at Papierdoll an info packet on the new styles of UGGs coming out for the upcoming fall season. They did this so that we can bring the information directly to you.

UGGs are somewhat controversial. Nealy every urban chic woman concerned with style and comfort wears them. The issue is that the one style was dominant and made them also-rans within a year or so. UGGs got smart and now there are several styles to keep the woman who wants her own individual style without seeing it anywhere else. That is, the chances that you will be wearing the same UGGs as the next girl in slim to none. Visit the UGG online home at Nordstrom to start getting your orders in now. The trunk show ends July 13, 2008.

online: UGG Trunk Show

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copyright Anne-Marie Michel

photography Anne-Marie Michel

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