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Is it a Fall collection or a Spring Collection, or both? Fashion designer Indashio has no peers when that question is raised. The closest I can recall to a designer in the same space is Heatherette designer Richie Rich (who is showing in New York this season under a new imprint). Back then during the Heatherette days it was all glam, and fabulousness. Indashio takes the two themes and advances it a bit. While he does continue with the party aesthetic and themes of general overall fun, Indashio also is a self billed humanitarian. Participating in shows in South Africa, Jamaica and all around the world ‘Dash (as he is affectionately called by friends), is pushing the envelope in all directions when it comes to styling and design.

Indashio is not afraid of a television camera. Having been on MTV, VH1, Fox and media outlets all over the world Indashio is taking his message of partying, fashion and humanitarian causes to the masses. This season, Indashio brings his show to the internet in a web simulcast. Visit his site September 13, 2010 at 8pm to catch the Spring collection.

online: www.indashio.com

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Almost every designer fresh out the gates finds someone drawing parallels to Marc Jacobs or some other major established fashion scion. The comparisons end up being too lofty and eventually unattainable as the designer tends to peter out or simply does not have the chops to be mentioned in the same breath. So this profile won’t do that, but by the very mention of Marc Jacobs, that would seem to be the intention. It is clearly not, but what it is, is an attempt to show the potential of design duo of Javier Garcia and Vaughan Alexander. The Verlaine Fall collection is like a hit parade of challenging themes. Entirely wearable, this trend-busting line says it all.

It says outerwear need not have symmetrical lines for the season (see the Wool Felt Triangle coat) below:

It says you can make a floor length dress entirely out of Jersey and add spiral columns (see the Jersey Dress below)

It says you can look a season ahead in a cocoon coat (we’ve seen them before but never done so well in boiled wool):

The Verlaine Spring collection is also looking very progressive this season as well. We have some photos in-house but will debut them with the show. Here’s a teaser for those that cannot wait:

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Diego Binetti is a workman’s designer. While celebrities get a pass for their star status and some stumble into design, Binetti’s resume reads as if he’s wanted to do this for a long time. This drive shows as Binetti has evolved into a designer whose collection is meticulous and intricate. The attention to detail in patterns being used on his dresses for the fall collection and the slight touches and accents demonstrate that his time in Milan was well spent. For the Fall season Diego Binetti uses the elaborate pattern work that we’ve seen before but he also ventures into new territory with a long floor length floral dress, an anime like-print dress with exposed arms tied just right above the elbow (see photo) and a wonderful high waisted pant that shows off any pair of boot (not ankle) that a discerning fashion lover would want to wear.

The Diego Binetti collection is one you want to wear, if you can get your hands on it. View the entire collection at I love Binetti website.

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“Special Prices for Creative Living” is how the Spanish retailer Mango is describing its new selection of low priced items.

I’m starting to like the way various industries are reacting to the recession, first Chase and Bank of America are going to reduce overdraft fees, and now Mango is reducing its prices!

Mango will be offering over 90 items with the “think up” label attached starting at $24.90.  So basically we’re going from Zara prices  to H&M and Forever 21 on select pieces. 

In addition to the clothing, Mango is going to launch a thinkup blog. The intention will be to have a forum for describing its line and create a community to promote ingenuity in dressing.  According to Mango, customers shouldn’t have to give up “life’s little treats.”

I concur.

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Even more sketches are coming your way for Spring fashion week. This time it comes to us via Alice + Olivia. Stacy Bendet designer and owner of the rising brand put these sketches together and it gives us a glimpse as to what to expect for fashion week. The collection looks very flirty and fun with the big bows, the flared out skirts and the crop shirts are the stuff of a whimsical genius. Bendet says that “The vibe for our spring collection has an organic 70’s hippie feel while being feminine and sophisticated at the same time.”

Alice and Olivia

Visit her site online at www.aliceandolivia.com/

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If you ever wonder why there’s a pecking order in fashion and you’re trying to figure out the differences in tiers of designers, check out a simple photo from Diane von Furstenbegr’s fashion week. She’s what we’d call a first tier designer.

photography Kevin Kane

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This is actual news folks. Nicole Kidman is going to grace the cover of Vogue’s July issue according to a blog post by Fashion Week Daily. It even comes with a photoshopped mockup of what the cover may look like. We can say with a certain degree of certainty that the cover is a mockup. Because if it is not the Vogue folks are in a lot of trouble and Carine may be on her way to our shores. What possessed Vogue to do this? The love of the feminine form. It’s hard for anyone to go negative on a pregnant women on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Though the endless stream of folks bellyaching (author included) about lack of real models on the cover is indeed growing louder but sound (and common sense) doesn’t reach that floor of Conde Nast. Still the pregnant thing is aces with this blogger.

via: FWD

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Bottega Veneta

If you are a rich WASP (yes, you too Oprah), you’re going to want to hear this because it is time to change out of your Hermes and Valentino uniforms and quickly spend .0000001% of your fortune on Bottega Veneta. New York-based Luxury Institute’s 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) has awarded Bottega Veneta the accolade of Top Luxury Brand. This is no small feat considering the competition that comes in the form of the aforementioned Hermes and Valentino.

The speculative reason is because recently the brand has nuanced itself into classic, timeless styling while maintaining a sort of youthful tinge. The advertising featuring sparse, lily-blanche backgrounds can’t hurt either.

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Papierdoll Recommends:

Carin Rodebjer

W29 Showroom is known as the house of some of the top international designers. Based out of New York, they represent some of our favorites including Carin Rodebjer and Staerk.They are having a sample sale where you will receive up to 50% off samples from their showroom. Interested? Here are the details, dates/times and address:

Some items include
M/M expertly draped frock, down to $280 from $575.
Staerk’s iconic leather fringe dress at $1035
Dagmar pleats: mint julep in color and a cool $185 in price.
Score Lars’s knit dress at $599, previously $1198
De/Couture’s so-hot-right-now frame bag for just $965

When: Thursday June 19 & Friday June 20 10-7pm
And just in case you have a day job…Saturday June 21 12-4

Where: W29 Showroom, 208 W 29th Street, Suite 201 (between 7th & 8th Ave)
Take the 1, N, R

They accept cash, and all major credit cards.

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Yves Saint laurent

The Toronto Star has an article today on Yves Saint Laurent entitled The Henry Ford of Fashion. While this was not to intimate that Laurent made a one size fits all approach to fashion, it does look at how Laurent’s DNA is now in the garment of almost every high end item to this very day. From the ubiquitous pant suit with bow front blouses, to the powerful blazer, Saint Laurent went above and beyond the call of duty to make women feel relevant in business through fashion. Here’s an excerpted quote from the article:

“His collections always had a spectacular theme. It was over the top but wearable. You couldn’t be shy to wear his clothing. The jewels were big and brilliant. Capes had huge, dramatic collars. It was drop dead clothing. I had three peasant skirts in silk moiré. I still have a tuxedo and an embroidered Russian-theme velvet suit. Over the years I’ve parted with things, much to my chagrin.”

Read the entire article here.

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