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photography Kevin Kane for Papierdoll

photography Kevin Kane for Papierdoll

When done right, the accordion dress is a timeless classic, especially when matched appropriately with the metallic peep-toe slingbacks.


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I have spent many a break at my day job pouring over the photos on http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ .  In fashion websites featuring street style the sartorialist is the creme de la creme.  During fashion week when the photographer, Scott Schuman, visits the shows in New York, Milan, and Paris his record of the fashion elite attending the shows is second to none, and one of my favorite things about fashion week itself.

When I first found this site I looked at every back photo on it, and was saddened to realize after, that new photos (with the exception of fashion week) are posted one or two at a time every few days.  I wanted to see the artistic beauty of the pictures mixed with his stylish eye much more often.

Now, on August 12th a book simply called, “The Sartorialist”, will come out in print and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  While after the first run through the photos won’t be new, I won’t have to boot up my computer to see the inimitable fashion photography of Scott Schuman.

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Tilda Swinton is one of my FAVORITE actresses, partly for her talent but mostly for her avant garde style and androgynous looks which she worked to great effect in the film, “Orlando”, playing a character who changes from male to female (rent it!). 



The point of of this post is that she has been tapped by the British label Pringle to be the new “face” of the brand.  For those of you who aren’t familiar (I wasn’t) Pringle Of Scotland is one of the oldest luxury brands from the U.K.;  It was founded in 1815.  Pringle’s silhouette veers away from body con, with boxy cuts and slouchy wrap sweaters.  The designers use feminine fabrics (chiffon, et. al) with a mostly neutral palette.  The most recent season seems to favor the blouson and shift with strong, geographic prints.  Despite its age Pringle is definitely making an effort to stay modern, which is further evidenced by their choice of principal model.

Tilda is set to Model BOTH the men’s and women’s collection and is also listed as a collaborator for the spring 2010 campaign.

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Reka Invite

When it comes to politics and ideology it doesn’t get any more liberal than Papierblog. We can afford to be this way as we’re fashion nuts and we let it be known that that is the case. So when some mouth breathing conservative calls us bleeding heart liberals in disgust, we nod approvingly and say thank you. Tomorrow some of our more liberal counterparts are getting together for a rocking good time with one of our top photographers Reka Nyari. She’s done a good chunk of our photo stories and the most recent one in our print magazine. But this time she’s showing her support for liberal causes while showcasing her new photography (both fashion and risque’).

The show is tomorrow and details are on the flyer below.

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This one comes from the Carolina Herrera show this past fashion week

Erin Fetherston
photography Kevin Kane

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Photography Anne-Marie Michel

photography Anne Marie Michel

This dark photoshoot was published at the top of the year. A fascinating look at the many uses of leather.

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Photography George Fraser

photography George Fraser

When we moved to the new Papierdoll, we lost a lot of our older images. Thankfully we had a good chunk of the archive images on backup and so we were able to bring them back. Here’s an example of a shoot done for Canadian designer Adrianna Kinal. We’ll have the complete series up soon as we restore older images

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photography Berman Fenelus

photography Berman Fenelus

Yesterday I featured a photo from our July 2008 men’s issue. Today I go back two years and look at our infamous Adrian Grenier cover. It’s interesting to see how far the magazine has come in two years. We still haven’t placed the issue up in our archives, but we’re working on restoring our archives.

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photography Anne-Marie Michel

photography Anne-Marie Michel

feautured last month in Papierdoll’s men’s issue in Brighton U.K., by the beach.

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photography Danielle Le Moine

photography Danielle Le Moine

Fall 2006 Accessory shoot. (So many Fall stories, it’s pretty cool to look back and see past shoots done at Papierdoll)

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