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Another show of black and white print. This one in particular is striking because the print has a movement effect (hard to convey in photos)

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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Inspiration comes from the most likeliest of places sometimes.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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Our intrepid photographer Kevin Kane is out shooting detail shots of everything possible and if you’re looking for close up shots of Max Azria’s latest creations for Spring Summer 2014 here you go. More photos available @ our detail shots page.




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Here are a few pics from the rock-n-shop event.  I hope some of you made it out!  If not…next time.

Rock-n-shop event 002

Rock-n-shop event 003

Rock-n-shop event 005

Rock-n-shop event 009

Rock-n-shop event 008

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The Details are scant, but the rumor mill is a buzz with stories that Topshop will be opening a store in Brooklyn next year.  Some speculate that it will be located in the Fort Greene neighborhood.  And in consideration of the business deal she just inked with Sir Phillip Greene (Topshop’s owner), who do you think is on board to oversee the opening and “style” aspect of the shop?  That’s right, everyone’s favorite party girl from across the pond.  Miss Kate Moss.

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Lady Ga, may I call you that?  When you first came on to the scene you were different, your own self made ingenue.  No one could tell you how to behave, you weren’t Britney, or Jessica, you were talented.  You played intstruments and could sing beautifully, at least marginally better than most.  Pop music wasn’t something you did, pop music was something you were.

And in the tradition of eccentric musical genius (i.e. Mozart, Elton John, Freddy Mercury) you played with your costumes.  You took costuming to new heights, wearing them everywhere you went.  You played with texture, shape, and fit.  A bustier here, a pink spandex pencil skirt there..a teacup, a hair bow and how could we forget the hair doughnut?  I admired, in a word, your Chutzpah.

But now I just think you’re getting ahead of yourself.  You’ve only got one successful Album to your credit.  And that thing you wore during the dance sequence of your newest video, I think it’s some kind of leotard that was almost a flemnco dress but then someone forgot to finish after siesta one afternoon.  And then there were the muppet ensembles, was that a jacket made out of hundreds of little kermit the frogs?  Oh. Dear. No.

At the very least let’s think about the word, “overexposure”, I know, it seems like in the wake of Beyonce it isn’t possible, but trust me, it is.  And let’s hear another record soon, yeah?


Concerned, but a fan, definitely a fan.

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Emma Watson has her very own article and slide show on style.com touting her as a beauty icon.  Everyone from popsugar to perez is tipping their hat off to her “impeccable style”.   


And I can’t help thinking, pshaw you’re all just impressed because you expected to see Hermione Granger on the red carpet, Emma could be in just about anything so long as it isn’t a Hogwart’s cape and you’d love it.

Maybe that’s a little off the mark, but the point is that Emma Watson is a relatively plain faced girl, who may grow to be a beauty, dressing in age inappropriate high fashion looks.  She does deserve respect for not using a stylist, and clearly has a true love for fashion lacking in most young movie-types whose closets consist of  Herve Leger dresses…but does she deserve style/beauty icon status?  Hmmm…no.  For two reasons:  She isn’t a beauty (I mean that in the nicest way I can say it), and apart from her choice of designers, she isn’t that stylish.  What she does seem to be good at is donning a look directly off of a runway, and sticking to the more artistic/innovative set of deisgners when choosing them.

Let’s give her a couple of  years before we immortalize her too quickly.

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Fashion Djss

What a supreme idea. Take some of the top fashion djs (yes they exist), put them together in a room take top designers in London and have a 3 day show. Then, to add to the hoopla, make it live on your website. That’s ShowStudio.com premise for Fashion DJs live. This is a 3 day spectacle filled with top music, fun and eye catching fashions. Visit the site now as it’s going on at Showstudio.com

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The aristocratic soul of Wimbledon makes fashion statements ever the norm, but moreso the case this year apparently. Everyone from Nadal to Serena to Federer walked a court that seemed more runway inspired than tennis inspired. Oh sure, they could play tennis in what they were wearing, but the multiple ways to cover Wimbledon from a journalistic perspective included glossing over what the athletes were wearing. Sometimes that coverage came at the expense of covering what everyone was there for in the first place: the actual competition.

Tennis Fashion

But that’s not a complaint anyone on this side would have because, hey, we’re a fashion blog and we like it that way. So who was talking about the fashion at Wimbledon? The better question would be, who wasn’t? The LA Times went there late last week. The Independent went on a bit of a sexist bent. Finally the guardian chimes in with what it calls, fashion wars.

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Norway fashion

Oslostil is addictive. You have to keep clicking and you just can’t stop. Veronica is a recent photography subject of the Oslostil photographers. She says:

I bought my sweater in Sweden, the scarf is from Vietnam and I got both of my tops from a friend. My skirt is from a festival in Sweden and I use a scarf as a belt which is from Indiska and so are my tights. The shoes are from somewhere in Oslo and I just got my purse in Mexico.

Her purchase habits are truly global.

via: Oslostil

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