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One of the closing looks at the fashion show spanning 35 mall retailers.

If you live in the Philadelphia region, the King of Prussia Mall is always an exciting excursion. People come from hours away for the designer shops, high-end department stores and boutiques that you really can’t find anywhere else in the NJ, DE and PA tri-state area. The City of Philadelphia has fabulous shopping, but if you don’t live there, KoP (as the natives call it) is infinitely more convenient. I just learned it’s even the East Coast’s largest shopping complex.

So it’s unsurprising that Philadelphia’s Fashion’s Night Out festivities were held at this luxury shopping mecca. The list of events was pretty impressive: lots of contests to win handbags at Michael Kors, gift cards at Arden B., fancy headphones at Diesel; makeovers at Bloomingdale’s, Betsey Johnson and Neiman Marcus; free cupcakes, nibbles and champagne and DJs everywhere under the sun.

Unfortunately, the mall wasn’t open any later than usual and by the time the fashion show was over (more on that later) most retailers were out of refreshments and clearly over the rest of the activities. This kind of made it feel like those who came for the event and watched the fashion show, or anyone coming from work, missed the party.

The runway outside Bloomingdale’s leading up to the concentric circles of the main show.

Though, the fashion show was a party in and of itself. It was actually set up a bit like Fashion’s Night Out: The Show in New York, with a center circle and a wider circle around it. It was a good set up to give as many people seats and a good view as possible. I’ve been to my share of “local” fashion shows and this was a really nice production. There were misleading gift bags on VIP chairs that didn’t actually contain any gifts other than a mall map and some catalogs/coupons. You’d think a trip around any department store cosmetics department would have yielded a few samples to give out. But otherwise I’d say the set and presentation were on point.

The models were better than most regional models, though there was “smiley girl,” “bouncy girl” and “dancy girl” to keep things interesting. I really liked the hair – a sort of Bridgette Bardot bouffant and ponytail – though the makeup seemed a little overdone on some of the girls. For the most part the looks were well styled, the finer stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Tory Burch standing out in this regard. From some of the more mid-priced lines, outfits could look a little catalog. While models carried placards stating which store their outfit came from, it would have been nice to have a program listing the designer of each item. For instance, what brands of clothing was a model with a “Macy’s” placard wearing? Macy’s carries a lot of brands. And when a model is carrying a “Tiffany’s” placard is wearing more than just jewelry, who designed her clothes?

Some trends that emerged from the show were animal prints, lots of fun patterned hosiery and fur. Any shopper could surely find some items she’d love to add to her fall wardrobe – or his! There were two male models included as well. It was a fun night out, though I wish I’d gotten the memo to show up earlier.

Also of note: the Jason Wu camera I used to capture all the action. Of course, being a fashion camera, it’s very cute – mine is bright green and I get lots of compliments on it. It has very simple functions and settings, but I’ve been using it for everything from industry events to taking snaps of my newborn and haven’t taken a bad picture yet. My favorite feature is that it’s slim and fits in a clutch. I hate dragging my professional camera to evening events where I’d like to carry a smaller purse, and this allows me to do that. For more info and where to buy click here.

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Yeah, I passed by the Chanel store to escape the madness that was Bloomingdales and Macy’s in Midtown. But guess what. It was even more mad downtown. Here’s photographic proof that Fashion’s Night Out is starting to rival Fashion Week itself (yes it’s hyperbole, but not by much).

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[click image to see larger view]

There was a blogging, facebooking and twittering going on all over Manhattan and pretty much anywhere you went to in New York City (this includes our cherished 5 boros). Roxanne and I were looking for nuggets though. There were so many events and places to be finding a diamond in the rough wasn’t exactly going to be easy. That was the case until we stumbled into United Nude. The designer shoe company set the world a blaze with it’s high end, reasonably priced shoes. At Fashion’s Night Out though, United Nude put on a display unlike any other. Imagine a wall of intricately designed geometrically complex shoes. There were tetrahedrons, octagonal shapes and much more. It was like a trip to 8th grade math class only fun.

This was a nugget among a variety of stores primarily because we’ve seen a lot of the other items at stores in some way, shape or form. The difference with United Nude is the ability to purchase an extremely sophisticated shoe at under $200. Why are the pricepoints so low? Robert Cotton, one of the head guys at United Nude stayed mum on the subject (trade secrets and other business jargon) but needless to say United Nude shoes is on the list of top fashion items to have for the season.

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It has just come to my attention that W Hotels The Store, a collection of retail boutiques located in W Hotel properties globally, is offering complimentary champagne from 8-11 pm on Fahshion’s Night Out, and is extending a 20% discount to all items in the store!

There will also be designer appearances from 8-10 pm.

The two locations are: 541 Lexington Avenue, Ground Floor
New York, New York 10022
and:  Times Square
1567 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, New York 10036

Feel free to peruse their website, www.whotelsthestore.com,  to see the pretties they offer, I plan to stop by!

 PS — If you haven’t been to one, you’ll want to stop in and check out the decor of one of these very posh hotels.  The lobby alone will be reason enough.

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On September 10th, 2009, across all five boroughs in NYC, 700 retailers from boutiques to chain stores have agreed to keep their doors open until 11 pm so that we can shop until we drop.  On the official site — listed below — is a video that has some of our favorite designers, fashion celebs, and models urging us to attend the event with the possiblity of appearances and pop up performances.  You’ll also see that this effort is international with events planned in Greece, Italy, Russia, and India just to name a few.

The best part about all of this is that it also doubles as a citywide clothing drive to benefit the NYC AIDS fund.  And sales of the official “Fahsion’s Night Out” T-shirts benefit the National September 11th memorial and museum.  So, check out the video (super cute), check out the site (www.fashionsnightout.com), and participate!  It just so happens that one of the fun things to check out during the event will be Charlize Theron signing copies of Vogue’s September issue (she adorns the cover) at the Dior boutique on 57th.

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