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While we’re gearing up to go for Berlin Fashion Week photos coming out of Couture Fashion Week in Paris needed to be shared with the rest of the international fashion loving crowd here at iPapier. So here’s a bit of Jean Paul Gaultier in his presentation entitled Positively Encaging (see the last photo to understand why):

Jean Paul gaultier Couture

Jean Paul gaultier Couture

Jean Paul gaultier Couture

Jean Paul gaultier Couture

Jean Paul gaultier Couture

Jean Paul gaultier Couture

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Got this press release yesterday and had to mention it. A new French fashion boutique opened online. No, the folks at Colette.fr won’t have to worry about their jobs anytime soon. The new site, Bibaloo.com focuses on French fashions for the younger set. That’s right, you read correctly, now the little ones can wear designer clothing from head to toe. There’s nothing risque’ here, just somewhat on the expensive side. While you won’t find names like Balenciaga for little girls and boys, there are pieces that seem like shrunken down versions of higher end designer pieces. The pricepoints are similar to the Marc Jacobs baby line (remember that?).

Visit them online here.

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Yves Saint laurent

The Toronto Star has an article today on Yves Saint Laurent entitled The Henry Ford of Fashion. While this was not to intimate that Laurent made a one size fits all approach to fashion, it does look at how Laurent’s DNA is now in the garment of almost every high end item to this very day. From the ubiquitous pant suit with bow front blouses, to the powerful blazer, Saint Laurent went above and beyond the call of duty to make women feel relevant in business through fashion. Here’s an excerpted quote from the article:

“His collections always had a spectacular theme. It was over the top but wearable. You couldn’t be shy to wear his clothing. The jewels were big and brilliant. Capes had huge, dramatic collars. It was drop dead clothing. I had three peasant skirts in silk moiré. I still have a tuxedo and an embroidered Russian-theme velvet suit. Over the years I’ve parted with things, much to my chagrin.”

Read the entire article here.

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Vietnam FashionAt this point, Vietnam is looking about as communist as Vichy France. The once repressed society is in the midst of an economic, cultural and artistic resurgence. Leading that charge is perhaps the fashion and arts community in this once poverty stricken country. An exhibit at L’Espace in Hannoi looks at the moments on catwalks everywhere in a vacuum. It is said that these French and Italian photos are some of the most breathtaking photos of catwalk moments in a generation. Photographers Myqua (France) and Max Salvaggio (Italy) look at these moments sans the glaring lights and the adoring crowds to get a fix on the actual beauty and glamor behind runway shows.

The exhibit is set to take place in from May 21 to June 18, L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien, Hanoi.

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Petite Salope

Locher’s Spring collection is gracing the presence of magazines and e-mail boxes everywhere. What you really have to love is the different names of the items in their fashion collection. A personal favorite is this cotton embroidered top called Petite Salope. If anyone asks you what the shirt is , just say, Petite Salope, translation, Little Slut.

Click this link to see the entire line.