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I am going to squeeze this Pre Fall post in just before the Fashion month kicks off in NY for AW11. I know other fashion weeks are happening, and I am not discounting them but me being a tad traditional, and plus I don’t think I can keep up with them all as I have a team of, well, 1, I stick to the fab four. I visited the Louis Vuitton press office in London yesterday to have a peek at the Pre Fall 11, and was not disappointed.

Feathers and fancy shoes


Shoes i love

Shoes i love - part 2

The fabulous 20’s of PG Woodhouse and Jeeves and Wooster sprang to mind as I saw the beautifully constructed luggage, elegant cashmere separates, wide legged trousers and suiting. Nothing dull here, but a refined quality, which you know you will always have at LV. The evening looks leapt into the fun of the time with sequins, feathers and furs adorning the flapper inspired dresses.

Evening sequins

Art Deco clutch

Deco Bag and acc's

As I have mentioned before, presentation is a big thing to me especially on the press day trail, it’s the little touches that can make a collection stick in the mind. Here the showroom was set up as a film set and the look book presented as a contact sheet of film in a photographic envelope. I.LOVE. IT. It just re enforced to me the idea of the collection, using the past methods and it sucked me right in and I probably could have stayed an awful lot longer than I did…

Look book


The Bags were displayed as solo artists in the spotlight and behind were prints following the construction process. This is clearly a very important point to the company as it was also seen last season in the magical trunk room at the LV store launch, a set was dedicated the story of the trunk making.



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Spring ad campaigns Louis Vuitton

No matter what you think of the collection after a runway show, look book or press preview, the best ad campaigns show you the fashion in a new and exciting way. They can draw your attention to a brand you normally aren’t remotely interested in or turn you off of one of your favorites. These are some of our favorite ad campaigns for Spring 2010.

Above you’ll see Lara Stone – one of my current faves, the more she talks the more I like her – shot by Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton. I’m sorry, I just think a real model does it better than Madonna. And I like how the brand sort of known for pulled-together chic is used in a really bohemian way here, surely to tie in to their travel heritage. See more campaign images and behind the scenes beauty photos here.

Spring ad campaigns Hermes

Luxury houses are certainly trying to play down the… well, luxury in the current climate, because Hermes is another brand that goes all “oh we’re just about bright colors and braids and a young Karlie Kloss!” in their spring 2010 campaign shot by Paolo Roversi.

spring ad campaigns prada

A little more city chic is Prada’s ad starring Rasa Zukauskaite, also photographed by Steven Meisel. Refinery 29 calls it the campaign “Most Likely to Incite Us to Buy a Questionable Shade of Lipstick.” It seems like a small thing, but I like how we see the front and back of the garment. And it just looks fresh and fun for a new season.

Spring ad campaigns Lanvin

I’m not even that big of a fan of this Lanvin ad starring Jamie Bochert. (Guess who shot it! Yep! Meisel.) But everyone’s making such a big deal about it I felt I should include it as it’s sure to be one of the definitive and most-remembered campaigns of the season.

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Marc Jacobs

If fashion were an Olympic swim competition Marc Jacobs would be Michael Phelps and everyone else would be…everyone else. That’s basically the consensus review coming out of New York Fashion Week in regards to his show at the New York Armory. The creative director of Louis Vuitton basically swam away from the competition and put Forever 21 on notice that everything focuses on the waist this spring and were they to copy (at least in the case of retailers), his line is the blueprint.

His collection contained a myriad of expressions all put together to form one cohesive statement: it begins at the waist. There were no-minis, just pencil thin long skirts with washer aprons adoring the creations, the styles ranged from polka dots to thick stripes, butterfly prints. Accessories includes The hats were all pancake-like creations and tapestry bags with creatively invented tassels and trend setting fur-lined boots. It was dainty, it was anti-bellum southern, it was Asian, it was everything fashion was intended to be from a New York designer who commands the industry’s attention.

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Louis Vuitton

This bag… This bag is a favorite making the rounds at Papierdoll. It’s is authentic Louis Vuitton and the reason it’s getting so many accolades here at PD is simply because it’s constructed with a classic style that you’ll find only in an Audrey Hepburn movie. We’re getting Vertigo just thinking about it.

As an aside when we found this bag, we noticed the retailer went to great pains to ensure that this was an Authentic Louis Vuitton bag. It was a reputable retailer so there was no doubt that the bag was indeed a Louis Vuitton original, which led me to believe that the counterfeit problem is getting really bad…

There was no mistaking the fact that Louis Vuitton is possibly the most copyright infringed fashion brand in the world. A simple stroll down Canal Street in Manhattan will get you to that conclusion fast. The interesting thing though is how legitimate internet stores are bending over backwards to make sure that you know they only sell authentic Louis Vuitton.

We can’t take it on face value that Eluxury for example is selling authentic Louis Vuitton. It’s come to a point where even the Louis Vuitton site has to express the fact that they only sell authentic Louis Vuitton.

There may come a time (and astute readers may know the answer to this question) when Louis Vuitton appraisers are everywhere, similar in fashion to diamond appraisers. That may now be a personal side profession. Just you watch.

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Counterfeiters must be going in their collective pants right now. Louis Vuitton seems to have stepped up their efforts in making their brand copy-proof. And while there is no fool-proof method of making sure someone doesn’t “Jack yo sh–“, it’s pretty obvious that the intelligentsia at Louis Vuitton are trying hard to prevent that from happening. This bag is illustrative of those efforts:

Louis Vuitton

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Ralph LaurenSurely Success Magazine’s list of greatest fashion entrepreneurs is missing a name or two. The three top fashion entrepreneurs according to the magazine include Ralph Lauren (but of course), Levi Strauss (ok two for two), and Phil Knight (hold them there horses). Knight may have created the top athletic brand in Nike, but it was arguably as a result of creative, successful marketing than being so utterly fashionable. For athletic wear that’s fashionable all one has to do is look at Puma. So to really get to the bottom of things, Knight is more at home being the successful marketing entrepreneur/guy than fashion.

While Success did not solicit for additions here are a couple of names they may be missing altogether: Coco Chanel (helped build sprawling fashion empire), Louis Vuitton (see Coco Chanel), Rene Lacoste (who bridged the athletic/fashion gap)… the list goes on and there’s sure to be hand wringing over any that was missed here.

Read Success Magazine’s Greatest Fashion Entrepreneurs article here

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