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Almost every designer fresh out the gates finds someone drawing parallels to Marc Jacobs or some other major established fashion scion. The comparisons end up being too lofty and eventually unattainable as the designer tends to peter out or simply does not have the chops to be mentioned in the same breath. So this profile won’t do that, but by the very mention of Marc Jacobs, that would seem to be the intention. It is clearly not, but what it is, is an attempt to show the potential of design duo of Javier Garcia and Vaughan Alexander. The Verlaine Fall collection is like a hit parade of challenging themes. Entirely wearable, this trend-busting line says it all.

It says outerwear need not have symmetrical lines for the season (see the Wool Felt Triangle coat) below:

It says you can make a floor length dress entirely out of Jersey and add spiral columns (see the Jersey Dress below)

It says you can look a season ahead in a cocoon coat (we’ve seen them before but never done so well in boiled wool):

The Verlaine Spring collection is also looking very progressive this season as well. We have some photos in-house but will debut them with the show. Here’s a teaser for those that cannot wait:

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The coolest thing next to attending the CFDA awards? Checking out the designer portraits from the program. Here’s a sneak peak of a few nominee’s photos. Always a little bit different, Marc Jacobs couldn’t actually make his shoot so had models pose with masks of his face instead. MJ is nominated for Womenswear Designer of the Year.

I don’t know who I love more, Jason Wu (even though he blew me off backstage at his show) or Karlie Kloss, so this is my favorite photo of the bunch. Really love the dress, too. Will it win Wu the Swarovski Award for Womenswear?

Womenswear Designer of the Year nominee Alexander Wang posed with some of his friends from high school – super cute idea.

What a gorgeous portrait of Donna Karan who is nominated for Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Possibly the sexiest of the bunch (tied with Prabal Gurung, next) is Womenswear Designer of the Year nominee Joseph Altuzarra posing with Vanessa Traina.

Swarovski Award for Womenswear nominee Prabal Gurung heats up his photo shoot with Heidi Mount.


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Check out the video I’ve inserted of post show footage.

Fashion web pages are abuzz today with talk of the first Ungaro line Creatively Directed by Lindsay Lohan; it’s safe to say that the hornet’s nest has been nettled, as the noise is mostly critical.  WWD rips apart the collection calling it unprofessional, and “cheesy”.

On first hearing that Lindsay was chosen to be affiliated with the ailaing Ungaro brand, fashion insiders couldn’t help but scoff.  The question is begged: was Ungaro’s collection doomed before it hit the runway?  Yes, of course it was.  Lohan’s reputation is nothing if not erratic and comical, on both her personal and professional resumes.  Her sense of style has been panned much more than praised.   So it follows that choosing her as Creative Directior was as obvious a PR stunt as was choosing a dimwitted VP running mate because she’s a woman. 

Like so much in Lohan’s life, this too has become a collision course of failure.  For what the Internet says, the people hold to be true.

 There were probably a total of five looks (at the most) that deserved criticism, which is not more than any other collection.  The critique of an overdone heart theme is just thinly veiled disapproval of Lohan’s involvement.  If Richie Rich had done this it wouldn’t have batted an eye.  If Marc Jacobs or Matthew Williamson had done it hearts would have been the new motif for spring.

Is the new collection great? No, it isn’t. At times it does seem a bit childish,  but it is also not as horrifying as everyone else seems to think.

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You know how sometimes you hear about fashion auctions and you hear about wonderful clothing being sold off to the highest bidder. You think to yourself, wow, if I could only be apart of that bidding. Then you realize your bank account will only allow you to purchase Starbucks. That’s exactly how I felt this morning when read about Christie’s London having a avant-garde fashion auction.

I call this the auction to end all auctions because it contains over 250 pieces from the personal collection of Kat Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy, owners of Resurrection. The two fashion lovers own the Resurrection boutiques in both New York and Los Angeles. What’s improtant about these two though is that the fashions on display (and for sale) span nearly 4 decades. I’m talking classics from Norma Kamali, Balenciaga, three early dresses from Marc Jacobs (circa 1991 if you must know). This is a collection that you wonder whether the items should be worn or simply placed in glass time capsule.

All told, the auction is expected to bring in between $442,000 and $530,000. The auction is happening today and I’ll possibly bring you a report on what fetch the highest price tag as soon as that info becomes available.

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Marc Jacobs

If fashion were an Olympic swim competition Marc Jacobs would be Michael Phelps and everyone else would be…everyone else. That’s basically the consensus review coming out of New York Fashion Week in regards to his show at the New York Armory. The creative director of Louis Vuitton basically swam away from the competition and put Forever 21 on notice that everything focuses on the waist this spring and were they to copy (at least in the case of retailers), his line is the blueprint.

His collection contained a myriad of expressions all put together to form one cohesive statement: it begins at the waist. There were no-minis, just pencil thin long skirts with washer aprons adoring the creations, the styles ranged from polka dots to thick stripes, butterfly prints. Accessories includes The hats were all pancake-like creations and tapestry bags with creatively invented tassels and trend setting fur-lined boots. It was dainty, it was anti-bellum southern, it was Asian, it was everything fashion was intended to be from a New York designer who commands the industry’s attention.

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Glamorama is a fashion event being held in Chicago August 22nd and this will surely make Tenisha Anderson (our managing editor) run for cover. Yes Tenisha you can claim this as your event and I’m hoping to see tons of pictures it. Apparently, Macy*s is holding this huge event where fall designs from several major designers names (both American and International) will be on display. The theme this year for the Glamorama event this year is Pop Candy Arcade, yes the 80s are back and everyone here couldn’t be happier. The Glamorama event (which, incidentally rhymes with Bananarama) will host Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Celine, CNC Costume National, Just Cavalli, Ports 1961, SportMax and Tibi.

Ok, you’re saying, that sounds pretty good. But, wait! There’s more…(if you feel like you’re in one of those blue screen commercials, it’s completely intentional) if you act now and get your tickets you will get to see MC Hammer and Cyndi Lauper perform. We’re guessing someone over in event planning at Macy*s is either going to get fired or a big promotion. This can go either way. The vibe behind the event is decidedly 80s so general thinking is that this is going to do very well. We love the 80s.

If they’re looking for a recommendation on an alternate for the 80s fetival, I’d go with Aha, the aforementioned Bananarama or the Bangles. The event is a fundraiser for the Art Institute of Chicago and has been going on 10 years.

Online: Glamorama/Chicago Theater

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Meredith Blake at the New York Daily News reports today that fashion is getting demure this season. Her reasoning behind this is that the plunging necklines everyone has been so used to is officially getting the boot. She uses Roberto Cavalli’s Spring show in Milan as an example. Truth be told his collection was very conservative but Cavalli is not known for outward displays of tawdriness. Blake though somehow missed the fact that being demure is only one aspect of the fashion going on this season. Quick example, Prada’s Spring collection:
Prada Plunging Neckline
You also can’t forget Marc Jacobs’ derelicte moment last Spring. Let’s wear underwear externally!! So is Blake’s assessment that fashion is getting compassionately conservative? Nah.

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