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Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi have been putting on a show for their namesake collection since 2009 though they might argue that the show was in the making long before that time. This season they showed that it might actually be the case that this collection was long in coming. A collection that hearkened back to the days of Studio 54 mixed with a progressive chic dominated the runway and was all the more impressive than their previous iteration earlier in the week. Aquilano.Rimondi’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection consisted of a large smattering of colors, prints and slits that sat uncomfortably high for the conservative but just right for the daring rocker. Milan’s fashion week has been dominated with color and flash as evidenced by Cavalli, Armani and to some extent Prada. Aquilano.Rimondi was no different and seemed more enthusiastic in their approach. Using a kaleidoscopic effect on pencil skirts and the aformentioned thigh-high slits, Aquilano.Rimondi seemed to notify Milan that they were to be taken seriously…fun.

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If the fur trend hasn’t caught your eye yet, the dayglo interpretation at the Prada Spring 2011 show in Milan is sure to get your attention. Eye catching, indeed! The fur scarves in bright orange, green, blue and pink certainly looked lush and plush, which we’d expect from the fashion house. But they also looked a bit cartoonish – almost like a child’s stuffed toy. It added a playful touch to a collection that was full of bold, artistic, baroque-inspired designs.

“I started from the simplicity of the men’s collection — but I wanted it to be like a musical as a symbol of boldness,” Miuccia Prada told The New York Times’ Suzy Menkes.

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Sergio Rossi

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Emilio Pucci

What’s this? A black model on a Milan runway? Is the end of the world nigh? Apparently it is not, what’s happening is that Milan designers were almost shamed into using black models for fashion week. What’s the big deal you say? The big deal is that fashion needs to be somewhat representative of the public at large. There are all shades of women that purchase Italian designer pieces a glaring omission of the client base was immediately noticed and called out by models like Naomi Campbell. Italian Vogue picked it up with their nearly all black issue and the return of the black model to the Milan Runways is a welcome sight to say the least. The question now is will the floodgates open up to Asian models, latin models and …gasp Indian models? We may have to answer that question in the coming seasons.

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Dolce and Gabbana

No one can tell me that Dolce and Gabbana’s Milan show had little to do with the far east. I may be biased because of my close proximity to Honk Kong, but there was a noticeable tinge of Asian inspired fashion to the show. The point of bringing this up is because there is genius in not the fact that they did it, but how they did it. A lot of the pieces in the collection seem to be a mix of 20s styling and asian inspired kimonos, robes and dresses. The melange of era and region makes the effort of the designers that much more pronounced. My money for Spring in terms of Italian collections is on the Docle and Gabbana collection.

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Sacha Baron Cohen

This is something you simply cannot make up. You look at all the shows that went on during Milan fashion week but what dominated headlines across the web was the arrival of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest alter ego gracing the presence of the Iceberg show. The unwelcome appearance of Bruno was a party of Cohen’s latest project debuting in theaters this May – Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male.

Will he break into any shows during Paris? Anything is possible with Bruno.

via: The Telegraph

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So we’re midway through Summer 2008 and the men’s collections for Summer 2009 are already making their way down the runway. it’s hard to ignore a great collection and this one from Burberry is definitely tops for the ages. Christopher Bailey has it right this time. Oftentimes designers either make men too overly feminine and reduce the essence of what being a guy is all about, or they go too masculine and end up being overly stodgy. So where did Burberry go this time? The designer found a happy medium for Spring/Summer 2008 and if this picture is any indication, he got it right. He got it really right:

Burberry Men's

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