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I received the Malandrino lookbook for resort styles sometime in July and I understand why the designer is so dynamic in the construction of evening dresses and gowns to an extent. But what’s really getting me ginned up is the rumblings of another incredible fashion week showing on the order of what was shown for last Spring. If you missed it, here’s the video I shot (the zoom function eluded me that day).

This time Malandrino may pull another rabbit out of her hat and wow us again. The show starts at 4pm EST today and we’ll try to get this new-fangled live blogging mechanism up and running.

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We just uploaded the complete review for the Hernan Lander collection. This show happened outside of Lincoln center on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel. While directly across the street from Lincoln center, it still had the feeling of being an edgy, off site collection thought with all the trimmings and presence of a high end show. There were at least ten models in installation format showing Lander’s recent collection and as writer Roxanne Doucet put it, while,

“there was a lack of consistency, the shoes also designed by Hernan Lander, were sublime and successful. The designer provided us with too much information in one collection possibly trying to show his originality and his expertise.”

To view the English review click here. To view the French review on our sister site Triptyqu3.com, click here.

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So many designers are livestreaming their shows on the Web this season, there’s MilkMade.com, FirstComesFashion.com and many designers broadcasting independently on Facebook. Tommy Hilfiger was one of those on FB, and footage from the show is still posted here. Many of the livestreams, like Tommy’s, feature backstage footage and let me tell you they capture it perfectly. Combined with cameras panning the crowd, it really builds excitement for those watching at home.

The Tommy Hilfiger show was just what you’d want from his 25th Anniversary Collection – classic American sportswear in red, white and blue on beautiful, beautiful people (Karlie closed). There was nothing unexpected here, but it was fun, pretty, pop-prep fashion that could find a place in most wardrobes

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Roxanne Doucet just published her review of the Daniel Vosovic. The former Project Runway finalist apparently had a strong showing as positive reviews are coming from many writers including Roxanne’s Triptyqu3.com (french), New York Magazine and Papierdoll. If this is any indication, it looks like Vosovic has a strong future. Look to add one or two pieces to your wardrobe this Spring.

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I was pretty excited for the Richie Rich show tonight. The show opened on a whimsical note with ballet dancers performing on the runway, around what ended up being a faux “DJ” booth where a model mimed turning tables to kick the show into party gear. My anticipation and expectations rose, only to be severely disappointed. From the very first look on Tinsley Mortimer I was let down – and it’s hard for Tinsley Mortimer to let me down when she’s in fashionista mode. The clothes just seemed predictable and lacked the flair and excitement of Rich’s former Heatherette line. And stunt-casting Ellen Degeneres to close the show failed to amuse me.

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Is it a Fall collection or a Spring Collection, or both? Fashion designer Indashio has no peers when that question is raised. The closest I can recall to a designer in the same space is Heatherette designer Richie Rich (who is showing in New York this season under a new imprint). Back then during the Heatherette days it was all glam, and fabulousness. Indashio takes the two themes and advances it a bit. While he does continue with the party aesthetic and themes of general overall fun, Indashio also is a self billed humanitarian. Participating in shows in South Africa, Jamaica and all around the world ‘Dash (as he is affectionately called by friends), is pushing the envelope in all directions when it comes to styling and design.

Indashio is not afraid of a television camera. Having been on MTV, VH1, Fox and media outlets all over the world Indashio is taking his message of partying, fashion and humanitarian causes to the masses. This season, Indashio brings his show to the internet in a web simulcast. Visit his site September 13, 2010 at 8pm to catch the Spring collection.

online: www.indashio.com

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Ask about Manuel De La Cruz the fashion designer and you may get a puzzled look from many. Show the works of Manuel De La Cruz and the looks may turn from puzzlement to an ooh or an ahh. Manuel De La Cruz is a designer who comes from humble beginnings but is carving a path out in an industry that has a short memory on those who never quite got “there”. “There” of course being a place between fame and notoriety. Being just shy of “there” may be just fine for De La Cruz whose Spanish-inspired ruffled shirts and satin matador pants are reminiscent of a latin generation gone by. Manuel De La Cruz fuses modern trimmings with classical fit and finish for a fall collection that is not too jarring and not entirely functional. This seems to be done on purpose as every piece has some sort of nuance that stops it from being an everyday dress. His plunging v-neckline black dress is accessorized with a black laced up arm band that turns it from sexy into dangerous. He fights convention with a quasi colorblocked dress, also accentuated with a strong plunging v-neckline. The bio on his site singles out several inspirations including bridal wundkerkind Angel Sanchez, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

If his designs are any indication De La Cruz may soon find himself inspiring another young designer. Manuel De La Cruz shows off his Spring 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week this September 2010.

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QVC is one of the sponsors of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week and they have a booth in the tents selling the CFDA’s “To Haiti With Love” T-shirts, also available online for $25. In honor of their live fashion show in the tents Saturday night they also hosted a celeb-studded party! Lots of TV personalities were on hand to pick up their T-shirt in support of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, like Katrina Bowden, above, from 30 Rock.

Another NBC star, Alison Brie from Community (who is also on Mad Men) was interviewed by TV Guide who was covering the event. But the biggest TV stars, at least in the fashion world, were probably Chase Crawford and Kelly Rutherford from Gossip Girl, below. Kelly was wearing a faux fur vest from Rachel Zoe’s line for QVC, which debuted a new collection at Saturday’s fashion show. See Zoe being interviewed below, too!

Everyone’s favorite love-to-hate Real Housewives of New York Star Kelly Bensimon was also in attendance, in a really hot purple sequin dress.

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I was lucky enough to get a second row seat from the dolls over at Academy of Art University and I was so glad I did! Such beautiful, innovative clothes! Unfortunately not all of the student designers’ designs were shown in the final walk through featured in the video above. Check out our gallery of all the looks here. Review coming soon!

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It was a rare treat to see designer Nicole Miller herself making the finishing touches on a few looks for her Fall 2010 Collection. You can see the progression from designer’s scissors to runway, above! Sometimes you can’t catch all of a piece’s great detail in runway photos so I thought I’d share some of my backstage pics here.

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