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7 For All Mankind have reached a big birthday. 10 years on and still growing incredibly quickly covering most major cities in Europe, not to mention its native US. To celebrate the launch of two new London stores, they threw a fabulous party in the eastend. The cocktails were all named after the styles of jeans and the nibbles had an all American theme. Mini beef burgers and chips washed down with a Bootcut (or 3) were our favourites.

photographer: Dave Benett

Suspended in a line were giant perspex frames holding the 10th anniversary collection. Each of the 10 designs are a new reworked version of the original archive style. I loved the way they were displayed (actually I wanted to have one in my house, but soon realised that I need to have space to hang it. Plan foiled)

After inspecting the displays and making a mental note of which I wanted on my Christmas list, we moved downstairs. After the DJ’s we watched a set from MNDR. Home grown electro hip hop/disco from New York. It was her last gig in London and she certainly got the crowd up on their feet and moving. Perhaps a bit too much as we nearly had a calamity with a candle and a large overly hair sprayed do – not mine I might add.

I had to reluctantly leave as I was up shooting very early the next day but was assured from sources that the night was a banger, a compliment from the inner circle. I may have to rename the phrase – Bootcut banger.

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New York’s Junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand is hot. Don’t take our word for it, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said so a couple of weeks back. The thing is let’s say she is quote/unquote “hot”, does it make her a political fashion icon? It’s not like she’s been in Vogue…wait… she has. In Vogue’s November issue she strikes a pose for photographer Norma Jean Roy, in the magazine’s piece entitled “In Hillary’s Footsteps.” Gillibrand replaced New York senator Hillary Clinton and is cruising to a victory come November 2. The fashionable senator is being positioned as a powerful member of a lessened democratic majority post November 2.

Gillibrand is shown balancing work life and family life in the series of photos, while also running a campaign. The Vogue issue is on newsstands now.

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photography Kevin Kane

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If you ever wonder why there’s a pecking order in fashion and you’re trying to figure out the differences in tiers of designers, check out a simple photo from Diane von Furstenbegr’s fashion week. She’s what we’d call a first tier designer.

photography Kevin Kane

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Sex and the City

And the Sex and the City stories keep on rolling. This one is a particular favorite because of how clueless Hollywood can be. Two completely Carrie addicted Sex and the City fans spent $16,000 to attend the premiere at Radio City Music Hall in New York. This is not counting the money they spent on tickets flying all the way from the west coast of CANADA to New York. When they got to the front of the already long line they were told in no uncertain terms and unceremoniously, there was no more space and they could take their $16,000 tickets and stick it where the sun of god don’t shine (ok that’s hyperbole, but you get the picture). In the end it seems that Carrie Bradshaw and her girls trampled over fans with their Manolos.

So are they pissed? You betcha. Instead of spending $16,000 for tickets now the total price is going to come out to $16,020. $20 for the two tickets they’ll have to spend watching it in Canada. Grr Carrie…GRRRR.

via: NYdailynews.com

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