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Fashion Week on the Street Shot by Kevin Kane for Papierdoll

Fashion On the Street

Self-styled with embroidery and chiffon

Fashion Week on the Street Shot by Kevin Kane for Papierdoll

Street Fashion

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Some of the makeup at New York Fashion Week can be replicated with some ingenuity. Shiseido artistic director Dick Page gives his tips for this look at the Greg Lauren show during NYFW.

·         Created By: Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page

·         Inspiration: This look resembles a “tennis tan.” The placement of the sunburn/suntan is rough and uneven, since people don’t typically get a perfectly even tan from sun exposure. This was not meant to be a pretty, romantic bronzed look; it’s a more realistic scruffy burned tan.

·         Products:

o    Face/Cheek: Apply a mixture of Perfecting Stick Concealer in Medium Deep (55) and Deep (66) (NEW! for Spring 2015) onto the skin where the sun would naturally hit the face from directly above. Blend a small amount ofPerfect Rouge in Dragon (RD514) across the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, neck and ears to create the “burned tan look” using a Blush Brush.

o    Brow: Remain as natural as possible, but fill in brows with a variety of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in Caviar (BK912), Shoyu (BR623), Sable (BR709), Leather (BR306) and Sunshower (OR313).

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Inspiration comes from the most likeliest of places sometimes.

photography Maria Panina for Papierdoll

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Off scripted items happen during fashion week in New York all the time. Some are funny, this looks to be not. If you’re going to streak at the Prabal Gurung show, we recommend a proper streak, be entirely naked and run on down. Or Not.


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What’s there to do before a full on runway show? Wait backstage, get the order of the looks… in order and make funny faces while photographers snap away.

(photography credit: Kevin Kane for Papierdoll Magazine)




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It just makes sense that if Rebecca Minkoff is showing off a Spring/Summer 2014 collection the celebrities will come out in full force. This was never truer during this runway show. Janelle Monae served in the backdrop of the show and nearly every celeb you can imagine was front and center.

See our full gallery here and on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Minkoff will narrate parts of the event so you get an up close look at how she put it all together. Visit Rebecca Minkoff.com for that treat.

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I am going to squeeze this Pre Fall post in just before the Fashion month kicks off in NY for AW11. I know other fashion weeks are happening, and I am not discounting them but me being a tad traditional, and plus I don’t think I can keep up with them all as I have a team of, well, 1, I stick to the fab four. I visited the Louis Vuitton press office in London yesterday to have a peek at the Pre Fall 11, and was not disappointed.

Feathers and fancy shoes


Shoes i love

Shoes i love - part 2

The fabulous 20’s of PG Woodhouse and Jeeves and Wooster sprang to mind as I saw the beautifully constructed luggage, elegant cashmere separates, wide legged trousers and suiting. Nothing dull here, but a refined quality, which you know you will always have at LV. The evening looks leapt into the fun of the time with sequins, feathers and furs adorning the flapper inspired dresses.

Evening sequins

Art Deco clutch

Deco Bag and acc's

As I have mentioned before, presentation is a big thing to me especially on the press day trail, it’s the little touches that can make a collection stick in the mind. Here the showroom was set up as a film set and the look book presented as a contact sheet of film in a photographic envelope. I.LOVE. IT. It just re enforced to me the idea of the collection, using the past methods and it sucked me right in and I probably could have stayed an awful lot longer than I did…

Look book


The Bags were displayed as solo artists in the spotlight and behind were prints following the construction process. This is clearly a very important point to the company as it was also seen last season in the magical trunk room at the LV store launch, a set was dedicated the story of the trunk making.



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