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She’s in a skintight cat outfit with weird symbols all over it. She’s playing with a ball of yarn as if she’s a cat. She’s media darling Katy Perry. The question that begs answering is why is she in a catsuit? Answer: Her Purr perfume is coming out soon and the press blitz is on. We haven’t received a sample of the cat-shaped perfume bottle yet, but we expect it to sell like her albums. See…no cat-like sayings at all.

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Written By , on October 15, 2010

Hintmag.com recently interviewed Chanel’s Jacques Polge. For those of you living under a rock or other type of crevice, Polge is Chanel’s perfumer. If you’re wearing some type of Chanel perfume right now, chances are Polge came up with it via Alchemy and quite a bit of perfume sorcerers magic. In the interview he explains to Stéphane Gaboué of Hint how he came up with Egoïste via Ernest Beaux’s (creator of No. 5) early creation Bois des Iles. He tells how Americans sanitized the perfume industry:“You know, I started my career in the United States. Perfumes were then made of both good-smelling and bad-smelling ingredients. But the bad-smelling ingredients, when used in a certain way, brought something sensual and interesting to the final scent. The first time I arrived at work, they told me, “You want to work here? Then smell this.” They made me smell chives. With American puritanism, all these kinds of fragrances disappeared.” He also discusses the now infamous Egoiste commercial (be careful if you watch it you’ll play it over and over again).

Read the entire interview here.

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