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In the we didn’t see this coming department. Everyone is reporting on the apparent demise of off-price mall shop Steve and Barry’s. The company has been around since 1985 and for the most part things have gone swimmingly. They even started featuring low priced celebrity branded items. Most recently they made deals with Stephon Marbury who created a line of sneakers that sold for the then unheard of price of $15 a pair. They then cut a deal to feature Sarah Jessica Parker items that sold for the under $20 range. The latter was all the rage of the blogosphere pre-launch until mean ole’ Steve and Barry’s snatched the exclusive away from the bloggers and landed it in the laps of the ivory tower folk at Vogue.

While this is most definitely a serious matter for Steve and Barry’s some bloggers may call it poetic justice. Whatever it is, SJP may be looking for a new home and a higher price.


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Sarah Jessica Parker

Vogue’s new vehicle while sputtering initially has something very interesting in the Behind the Scenes session at the Sarah Jessica Parker photoshoot. Blame it on a variety of things as to why Vogue TV did not catch on initially but features like this go along way in putting that history in the rear view mirror. There’s a lot of the fluff, loud music and dizzying camera work that you normally get an expect, but aside from the technical aspects you get to find out why models/actresses look so wonderful on magazine covers. You also get to see the thought process behind putting shoots of this nature together and incidentally you find out about the Sex and the City star as well. It’s a good time waster.

View the Behind the Scenes shoot after the jump.

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BittenThey just won’t let this thing die. Never let it be said that Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t know how to milk the very milk from a project. She’s milking the milk folks. This conclusion is arrived at by looking at her most recent collection for her Bitten line at Steve and Barry’s. Time to coincide with the release of the Sex and the City movie, this Heidiwood-quality line leaves one wondering exactly whether she’s sipping from the same Kool-Aid she’s trying to serve. Most likely not methinks.

via: The Dallas Morning News

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Sex and the CIty

Although this is an international item and to be sure iPapier would have covered this, there’s no mistaking how deliciously fun, cute and censored this news item is. Two towns in Israel are refusing to have Sex and the City advertisements placed on billboards anywhere in the vicinity of the city limits. It can still play as-is in the theaters, but the movie we have come to know and abhor through the constant promotion all over the place (secretly some people are hoping the Chronicles of Narnia or some other movie makes this the number 2 movie the weekend of release) will simply be known as “…and the City”.

So get your movie tickets now for “…and the City.”

via: NYDailyNews

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Sarah Jessica Parker

It happens very rarely, but it does happen. London will get a movie before it premieres in the States. That happened last night at the Sex and the City premiere in London. The stars were out on the Red Carpet and the cast of the movie was there in full force. Sarah Jessica Parker posits that the reason the premiere was done in London is because they have such great food…we kid. She’s been quoted as having a love hate relationship with New York. According to Parker, she plays a role (however minor) in New York’s overexposure. She feels that the city is overpriced and is lacking in character (reports of a Wal-mart being placed somewhere in New York may be greatly exaggerated).

Parker apparently has never been in the tube or taken public transportation in London. Things are expensive in that city if not more so. But what’s expense to a person who has a cut of the profits of a multi-million dollar film? Not much. Not much at all.

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Sex and the City

No there is no real Sex and the City Watch going on, but there might as well be all things considered. This movie is getting more buzz than The Devil Wears Prada. It’s not hard to see why as every sort of minutiae is being thrown in from what the characters eat, to the actual wedding scenes (that wasn’t a spoiler), to the designers being used. In this vein The LA Times blog looks at Pat Fields magician-like precision when it comes to striking the tone between the Carrie Bradshaw that was and the Carrie Bradshaw that is now. She looks at the character several years later and her fashion tastes have not so much grown as she as evolved”. Fields is quoted as saying,

“I saw Carrie a little more sexy, a little more evolved, a little more calm with herself as a woman, she was still going through her eclectic things, and she was gaining in her profession.”

The movie comes out at the end of May. To read more of the fashion production notes visit the LA Times blog here.

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Sarah Jessica ParkerIf one were to take a trip into Sarah Jessica Parker’s mind and see what she were thinking what would it be like? The question comes up because the news last week was about how she wore a $9 dress on the red carpet at the The Cinema Society’s event. Now normally SJP wears shoes that cost more than some folks’ wardrobe, but this time she went down the shameless self-promotion avenue and wore a dress that costs $8.98. So what was she thinking, what was in her mind? Possibly when she threw it on, there was pain. De constructing the photo one can infer that there’s this tortured smile with a yearning for Chanel, or Narcisso or (insertunaffordabledesignerhere).

While the Bitten line she’s selling at Steve and Barry’s has it high points, this beach dress from the Love Boat era is not one of them. And so SJP a bit of advice, if you’re going to create something for the masses to wear (which in and of itself is a noble cause), make it something current that everyone will actually want to wear.. Please

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