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Anne Valérie Hash works as if she were a fashion scientist. Constantly experimenting with color, structure and flow, Hash’s collections have evolved going back from 2005 and continuing on today. This season, Anne Valérie Hash worked a collection on the Paris runway that seemed to echo colors from a high end makeup kit. Using a palette that consisted of pale beige hues, grays and a golden yellow, Hash managed to give Spring a feminine and entirely wearable look. Paris is normally known for its convention challenging runway collections (read: not entirely wearable). Anne Valérie Hash went an entirely different way creating jackets that had sleeved scrunched up to the elbows, exposed seams and cropped right above the waist to give a light look. Hash’s use of fabrics included going with washed leather for a slightly aged look, cotton jersey (again for wearability) and georgette. I was a latecomer fan of Anne Valérie Hash (2008 Fall collection), but after this collection, I am a true-believer.

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Pierre Cardin dished a mouthful to WWD stating among other things that his licensees are producing also-ran designs and his mens collection leaves much to be desired. We’re paraphrasing here, but the legendary designer talked shop on a variety of things including Lady Gaga, his approach to design in the 60s, the state of his licensees and a smattering of other topics. The designer also let slip that he would be holding a show in New York to reintroduce his name to younger generations. The 88 year old Cardin was a major force in the 60s and 70s with his futuristic collection and sharp lines. He’s also known as a licensing genius placing his Pierre Cardin name on everything from suits, ties to Pierre Cardin sardines. With over 800 Pierre Cardin licenses around the globe, his name is synonymous with all things high end fashion.

Cardin (or rather his licensees) showed his Spring/Summer 2011 collection for the first time in 10 years this week during Paris fashion week. Reviews for Paris Fashion week can currently be found on our sister site Papierblog.

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Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi have been putting on a show for their namesake collection since 2009 though they might argue that the show was in the making long before that time. This season they showed that it might actually be the case that this collection was long in coming. A collection that hearkened back to the days of Studio 54 mixed with a progressive chic dominated the runway and was all the more impressive than their previous iteration earlier in the week. Aquilano.Rimondi’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection consisted of a large smattering of colors, prints and slits that sat uncomfortably high for the conservative but just right for the daring rocker. Milan’s fashion week has been dominated with color and flash as evidenced by Cavalli, Armani and to some extent Prada. Aquilano.Rimondi was no different and seemed more enthusiastic in their approach. Using a kaleidoscopic effect on pencil skirts and the aformentioned thigh-high slits, Aquilano.Rimondi seemed to notify Milan that they were to be taken seriously…fun.

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Roxanne Doucet just published her review of the Daniel Vosovic. The former Project Runway finalist apparently had a strong showing as positive reviews are coming from many writers including Roxanne’s Triptyqu3.com (french), New York Magazine and Papierdoll. If this is any indication, it looks like Vosovic has a strong future. Look to add one or two pieces to your wardrobe this Spring.