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Custo Barcelona
photography Michael Brown

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RIhannaMon Dieu, this is perhaps the best photo of Rihanna in a magazine ever. It has less to do with the gorgeous singer who many say our editor in chief resembles (Michelle you do kinda look like her, especially when your hair goes short girl), it has more to do with Alexander McQueen’s Gray mohair jacket dress. While only a handful of figures can really appreciate this dress (women with boobs need not apply), it is a very beautiful piece. In best Lela Rochon from Boomerang impression…gold star for Alexander…the dress is yummy.

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Kate and Kass

This was part of the Kate and Kass fall 07 collection, but please put your faith in the fact that you will be able to wear this for the Spring 08 season. Don’t let a number discourage you. The Kate and Kass collection is tops here in the office. There’s every intention to show off some of the neat-o tunics for the Spring 08 collection, but this was never trotted out and the thinking here is, why not bring it out now. Definitely a keeper for the spring if you’re adventurous enough.

online: www.kateandkass.com

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Sport Queue

The twin designers behind Queue are athletes at heart. They would have gone pro when comes to tennis, but they had more important things to do, like creating a complete fashion line, having said line be featured in every single possible fashion magazine east of the Mississippi and now getting ready to release a blockbuster collection for Fall 2008. But for our purposes the focus is Spring and for Spring, Lucky and Sarada Ravindra keep the athletic motif going strong. With a variety of comfortable fabrics in mind, the wonder twins want to make athletic fashion and high end no longer mutually exclusive terms. They look to have a winner with their wideleg halter suits and form appreciating cowl neck mini.

The fall preview is coming soon, but the opportunity to highlight Spring just could not be passed up.

online: www.sportqueue.com

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BB Dakota Dress

The first thing you’ll notice when stumbling on to the BB Dakota website is how the models look like the rest of us. This means that they are not the stick figure models you’ll see walking down runways. They literally look like they eat regularly. What this essentially means is that you can wear something from BB Dakota and look as good as the models if not better. That definitely does something for the ego when you can hold your own photoshoot and be fabulous in the process. Our pick for the Spring from this designer? This sheer white dress with square print and convenient pockets on either sides make all the statement that you need. There are other pieces here and there on the website, but this dress was love at first sight.