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Street Fashion

I never knew that Jessica Simpson created comfortable shoes, apparently she does.Norwegian street fashion site Oslostil featured this woman in early June and I wanted to revisit because of the veritable kaleidoscope of fashion she brings with what she wears. She starts out with a Norwegian accessories designer, moves on to Swedish designer Gina Tricot and then goes American with Jessica Simpson. Talk about eclectic. Here’s what she says about her ensemble on Oslostil:

My bag is by the Norwegian brand Cala&Jade, my dress is Gina Tricot, the cardigan is from Oasis, and my very comfy shoes are by Jessica Simpson.

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street fashion

She didn’t wear it for some sort of parade, she didn’t wear it to grab attention (though the jury may be out on that) she just wore it just for the fun of it. Many of the items on her could be found in random stores like H & M. There’s something to be said about the creativity behind a fashion on the streets.

via: Oslostil

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There are reasons why I love reading Oslostil. This street pic is one of them:

Street Fashion

You glean so many ideas. A good example are the sandals and the leggings. Simply marvelous. Summer’s not over yet, pulling this out from the bag of tricks seem wholly appropo.

Here’s what the wearer (Mariann) has to say:
I’m wearing a leather jacket from Nina Jarebrink Of Sweden. The purse is from Adox and the shoes are from Vagabond. My jeans are Lee and I bought my t-shirt at a marked. I got the jewelry from a friend and it’s originally from Asia, and the sunglasses are Tom Ford.

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Bow ties

I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald the jibes with what has recently been seen in photoshoots and retail runway shows. The bow tie as an accessory for women’s fashion is making some sort of raging comeback. While the trends are simply too difficult to be ignored, this is one in which I’d rather pass. Rachel Wells goes into detail regarding the various permutations of bow tie fashion, but I tell you ignore the hype, get away, get away. Here’s the reasoning:

Large bow ties have always been a “look at me” fashion apparatus. While some of it can be done in interesting and intelligent ways, what happens with a trend like this is the same thing that happened with the gladiator sandals. A rarely seen occurrence becomes the de facto standard and it loses its luster quickly. Some things are timeless. The small bow tie is one of those things that never loses its appeal. The oversized ones conjure up images of Mickey Mouse and Hustler strippers, mutually exclusive of each other of course.

If you must insist, Wells’ column is over here for reading (not for wearing).

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The hat, shorts, bracelets and the purse are by H&M. My tights are from Cubus and I bought my shoes at DinSko. I think my tunic is from some place in Asia.

Photographer: Nikoo Hamzavi

via: Oslostil

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street fashion

Ann Kristin (26)
I like to mix and match old and new clothes, especially old to be honest. My jacket and gloves are both from H&M, while the purse I got at Vesle Trabant in Markveien, Oslo. And the bike was a gift from my aunt.

photo: www.oslostil.com