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The orange and brown flag was blustering about outside, proudly signaling the opening of the store below. It is the new kid on the block; only she is not that new, just a very well kept secret – until now.

Tory Burch has finally launched in the UK, helping the expats of the US in London, specifically New Yorkers, feed their Burch habit. For a while now the gold emblem has been sneaking around on the toes of those that know, winking in the sun (when there is any) and causing a niggling feeling that you know the sign but you just cannot place it.

The store on New Bond Street is a sleek boutique, which stands in the shell of a townhouse, and so the layout lends itself to the residential feel the store gives.  Tory herself has designed each store with a home in mind, and the Bond Street store gives a superb impersonation of New York apartment. Last week it was crammed full – literally – with clients, celebrities and press to celebrate its opening.

Inside the new London store

Tory Burch with Jacquetta Wheeler

Tory Burch with Thandie Newton and Laura Bailey

source:bpcm photographer:Dave Benet

The luxurious pieces from shoes, ready to wear and accessories were on display for all to admire. Most were walking around making a mental shopping list for the following day. You see the clever thing about the TB brand is, whilst it feels, looks and is, a luxury brand, it is also within reach for many people. So now you know the secret and when you next see the gold double T logo, be it on a bag, shoe or swimsuit buckle, your feeling can officially change from niggling to smug.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist, writer and a contributor to PapierDoll. For more information visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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You don’t get noticed by someone from Ford unless you have “it.” And model Molly Kucera has it. The fun unpretentious exotic name, the piercing eyes and the youthful look that says “Hey, I was born in the nineties when Milli Vanilli was big.” Ever since then, Kucera’s been a one woman modeling dynamo. She’s walked in a variety of NY Fashion week shows, she’s been in an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign, she walked during New York fashion week most notably in Rachel Comey, Christian Cota and Tory Burch. Comparisons abound in almost every piece on Kucera. The obvious comparison is her striking resemblance to Claudia Schiffer. She’s no Claudia Schiffer though. Molly Kucera has a look all her own and if her photos in Italian Glamour are any indication, expect to see her in your fashion magazine pages soon enough.

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Tory Burch fashion 1

While I went backstage at Tory Burch to report on beauty for another client, I was lucky enough to snag a bunch of fashion shots as well! Thought I’d share them here. You can read my full review of the collection here.

Tory Burch fashion 5

Tory Burch Fashion 6

Tory Burch fashion 7

Tory Burch Fashion 8

Tory Burch fashion 2

Tory Burch fashion 3

Tory Burch fashion 4

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tory burch resort 2010-6

One of the things that makes fashion so intriguing season after season is its relativity, its subjectivity.  One can ponder endlessly over universal “rules” of what makes a garment special because there is always an element of opinion involved.  Our opinions are an amalgamation of what we read, what our political and religious affiliations are, and what we innantely deem to be attractive.

In the world of fashion there is an undeniable “it” quality attached to something unique, different. Although at times we attach an “it” quality to ordinary objects. In pondering one thing that doesn’t seem to change, the ubiquitous Tory Burch flat, I also began to wonder at our celebration of popularity, however temporary, over merit.

Vogue.com used the word “preppy” to describe Burch’s Resort 2010 collection, and I think it’s a word most would associate with the Burch image.  But unlike her would-be peers (Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, just to name a few) Burch seems to lack a cohesive image that can be tweaked season after season by adding a tinge of inventivness.  For example, Kors’ recent foray into neon accessories.  He kept to his clean, strong lines and sillouhettes while adding a pop that didn’t deviate or detract from the shape of his looks.

In the image above, we have what looks to be a confusing outfit.  But more importantly it mixes boring (a pleated khaki skirt), with done already (tweed jacket), with trends we’ve seen (a gladiator shoe, ruffles, and horizontal stripes).  This isn’t the only look in the collection that had me raising an eyebrow, #2 and #8 followed suit.  In looking at past seasons I don’t know if Burch is trying to be eclectic or just trying to make clothes people want to buy and then throwing them together.  But the result is not impressive.

My plea is this: let’s look at the content of what an artist presents us with rather than blindly enjoying their easy-to-swallow celebrity.  If it’s something you love, great, patronize the artist.  If  it isn’t, well have the taste to say so.

This post was edited and re-written on August 25, 2009 and replaced the original August 18, 2009 post

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So effing what.

Vera WangNanette Lepore

Tory BurchMaria Cornejo

Rag and BoneMarc Jacobs

Diane von Furstenberg
There’s no denying that Papierblog is in the tank for Barack Obama. We’ve featured several of his wife’s fashion selections for the past couple of months and at this point it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re all about getting this country back on the right track. So it’s good to know that several fashion designers feel exactly how we (most of the editors) feel. To that end, the Barack Obama store has several t-shirt, handbag and bracelets from America’s top designers on sale. Proceeds are going to help fight the Republican war machine via Barack Obama’s campaign. He’s an elitist by accepting help from some of America’s top designers so let’s help the elitism going by buying one of the shirts.

Buy one of the designs here.

(getting off of political soapbox…right.. about.. now)

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Some here at Papierdoll (who will go unnamed) just can’t understand the allure of Tory Burch to the fashion public at large. Not that our understanding as a body is a prerequisite for her success (as illustrated by her recent CFDA win), but it would be nice to understand where EVERYONE else is coming from. Is it the sheer number of accessories that she has in her collection? Is it the art behind the creation? Is it her prolific skill in designing accessories? One of our editors who is happy to remain anonymous for fear of enormous backlash from the Tory army gave 3 photos to illustrate his point (Ethan), and says their is inconsistency.

Tory Burch

I am in the Tory corner simply because of these sandals:

Tory Burch

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Tory Burch

Sandal makers get more and more ingenious with every single iteration of their foot contraptions. This one from Tory Burch looks like it is half crab and half torture device. This is not to say there are negative feelings towards this sandal. It is indeed super beautiful. The question is what to make of it on first glance. Was it inspired by some sort of medieval movie or dream? Was it simply created confuse? Whatever the case it’s loved by everyone here. In both sand and black.

online: Tory Burch Alexis Sandal

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