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I have seen a new label, which has caught my eye and I love their collection.  I want to share with you, so you too can track its inevitable rise to the top. The clothes are fresh, simple and they feel just as if you should own them all because you could wear every piece, all the time, although that could prove highly dangerous for amicable relations with my bank manager.

The designer, Christine Elise Kolnberger-Aziz, grew up watching her Grandfather at work as a menswear tailor in Germany. It was here her love of design was born (cough, excuse the pun).

Seres is in fact Spanish for “beings” and the collection is called ‘Little Seres’ showing just how personally Christine want to make the Borne collection – every piece has its own personality.

My top 5 from the collection, I struggled with this as you can see:

1. Ritcher / Wagner Trousers

2. Hurzog t shirt

3. Ritcher Shorts

4. Cami Baron Dress

5. Kaiser Cami/Furst top

I am not the only one who thinks so, the Editors on the big glossies, including British Vogue, are shooting piece after piece from this German bred, Spanish made brand. So watch out for the features and don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Emily Jerman lives in London, is a freelance stylist and writer and contributor to PapierDoll Blog. For further information visit: www.emilyjerman.com

Stockist for Borne: www.borne.co.uk

All illustrations are courtesy of Jaq Fryers and are protected by copyright, so cannot be copied or reproduced without prior permission

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This Season there is an incredibly high number of retrospective exhibitions, anniversaries and book launches celebrating careers and talent in fashion. As you saw I went to the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition celebrating 20 years, Cavalli is celebrating his 40th year in the industry in practically every city. (If you are going to celebrate, do it in style best describes that one) Yves Saint Laurent had an epic run at the Petit Palais, Paris from March to August, but then he deserves all the time you can give as one of the founders’ of modern style. It would be difficult to drink in the whole exhibit in one go, plenty of reason to go back to Paris in my view.

The biggie in Paris this season was masked ball for the marking of French Vogue’s 90th anniversary. Everyone pulled out all the stops to shine. None more so than Anna dello Russo, in a custom made Gareth Pugh headdress and gown from Pucci. Tyra Banks went for the drama but with a recession busting piece for her mask – an old pair, well maybe she splashed out for the occasion,  of fishnets stretched over her head.

source:wishtv.com photographer:AP/Laurent Cipriani

source:wishtv.com photographer:AP/Laurent Cipriani

No doubt there will be a book to accompany the celebrations. With this, a belated birthday to Matthew Williamson, who also has a book released. Long time friend and muse Sienna Miller wrote the forward and the main author is fashion historian Colin McDowell. Inside there are countless pages illustrating his work using trademark vivid colour, from mood boards to fashion shoots. Rather than just images, at the beginning of each chapter there is text from various fashion insiders and friends as well as the reflective words from Colin McDowell.

Later in the year we can expect books from Cavalli, Kenzo (another anniversary) and in the Spring, Hussein Chalayan’s offering. This will be a personal favourite having had the pleasure of working on one of his runway shows.

As well as the book, there is an exhibition of photographs from Williamson’s work at Somerset House until February 2011.  I have a habit of leaving these things until its too late. Margiela, last day, Chalayan I actually missed – lets see if I can actually get to that one before the last day.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributor to Papierblog. For further details visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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New York’s Junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand is hot. Don’t take our word for it, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said so a couple of weeks back. The thing is let’s say she is quote/unquote “hot”, does it make her a political fashion icon? It’s not like she’s been in Vogue…wait… she has. In Vogue’s November issue she strikes a pose for photographer Norma Jean Roy, in the magazine’s piece entitled “In Hillary’s Footsteps.” Gillibrand replaced New York senator Hillary Clinton and is cruising to a victory come November 2. The fashionable senator is being positioned as a powerful member of a lessened democratic majority post November 2.

Gillibrand is shown balancing work life and family life in the series of photos, while also running a campaign. The Vogue issue is on newsstands now.

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On September 10th, 2009, across all five boroughs in NYC, 700 retailers from boutiques to chain stores have agreed to keep their doors open until 11 pm so that we can shop until we drop.  On the official site — listed below — is a video that has some of our favorite designers, fashion celebs, and models urging us to attend the event with the possiblity of appearances and pop up performances.  You’ll also see that this effort is international with events planned in Greece, Italy, Russia, and India just to name a few.

The best part about all of this is that it also doubles as a citywide clothing drive to benefit the NYC AIDS fund.  And sales of the official “Fahsion’s Night Out” T-shirts benefit the National September 11th memorial and museum.  So, check out the video (super cute), check out the site (www.fashionsnightout.com), and participate!  It just so happens that one of the fun things to check out during the event will be Charlize Theron signing copies of Vogue’s September issue (she adorns the cover) at the Dior boutique on 57th.

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If you haven’t yet heard the news, on August 28th a new film called “The September Issue” will be released in New York. And on September 11th it will be released in LA and other select theaters. The movie details the process at American Vogue of putting together the biggest issue of the year, hence the title. This is the story of the 2007 issue, which featured Sienna Miller on the cover. It is the biggest issue to date, and weighed in at over four pounds!

I cannot WAIT to see this thing.


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Patrick Demarchelier

You have to love the Vogue.co.uk website. The British extension of the uber magazine has a photostory entitled Smart Start this month shot by ubiquitous photographer Patrick Demarchelier entitled Smart Start. Although there are no attributable credits check out photos 1 and 2 for simply beautiful pieces (especially the jewelry in photo 2)

Speaking of remarkable shoots, check out our ode to Summer in a shoot shot by our managing editor Tenisha Anderson entitled Global Warming.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Vogue’s new vehicle while sputtering initially has something very interesting in the Behind the Scenes session at the Sarah Jessica Parker photoshoot. Blame it on a variety of things as to why Vogue TV did not catch on initially but features like this go along way in putting that history in the rear view mirror. There’s a lot of the fluff, loud music and dizzying camera work that you normally get an expect, but aside from the technical aspects you get to find out why models/actresses look so wonderful on magazine covers. You also get to see the thought process behind putting shoots of this nature together and incidentally you find out about the Sex and the City star as well. It’s a good time waster.

View the Behind the Scenes shoot after the jump.

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Vogue Uk has a special feature with all the covers that Mario Testino has provided his skilled lens on. The retrospective is interesting if only to highlight the multiple personalities, colors and people he has worked with. Take a look at all the covers here.

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Hello Kitty

It’s no surprise that Hello Kitty graces the cover of Japanese Vogue. Word is that in Japan, Hello Kitty is a DemiGod, soon to be getting her own TV channel. The inescapable news that’s been making the rounds is that John Galliano outfitted in the character in everything Dior for the Fall season. Word is the photoshoot editorial is supremely cute and supremely Kitty. The Vogue cover as you can see is splashed with fashion (take note ivory tower Conde Nast in New York) and Kitty. It really does all work out in some weird fashion. As an aside, don’t you just wish the Vogue covers in America were less Today showish, celebrity-of-the-moment, how to improve your life through yoga (no knock on Yoga) and more something, in the vein of… Carine Roitfeld?

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