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We’re featuring Duro Olowu later on this week on the magazine side of Papierdoll, but I received this e-mail today and read it in it’s entirety about twice. The first thing I thought to myself was, self, someone at JC Penney sold their sold to the devil to get Olowu. Anne-Marie our lead photog in London, will attest that this is a coup as his footprint overseas is much larger than his presence here. But that in itself might be the answer, expose Duro’s collection to an American audience via JC Penney, a trojan horse diffusion line of sorts.

Here’s an excerpt from the release:

The exclusive collection, Duro Olowu for jcp, features apparel and accessories for women, as well as home goods, including dinnerware, stationery and décor items. Ranging in price from $10 to $100, Duro Olowu for jcp will be available this spring from March through May 2013 at most jcpenney stores and jcp.com.

“I am proud to partner with jcpenney to create and launch this new seasonal collection,” said designer Duro Olowu. “Working with jcpenney has allowed me to merge my vision of style and quality with their affordability, resulting in a line that is stylish, beautifully made and accessible. It has been an exciting experience to bring this fashion and home collection to life.

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It’s almost asking too much, but it seems as if from the appearance of recent fashion editorials one of two things has happened:

1. Either someone has directed all fashion mags to go light on the photoshopping


2. There’s a directive that says curves (even if ever so slight in nature) are a-ok.

That definitely was not the case in runway collections this year. But it’s looking like that in fashion magazines. Case-in-point is this feature of Kate Upton in this month’s Vogue. They could have gone heavier on the photoshop (as they’ve done in the past), but that didn’t happen. I’d highlight where the curves are, but you can tell just by viewing.

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Couldn’t help but give a shot out to the cool Rag & Bone Jean Fall 2012 campaign. Featuring model Liu Wen (you’ve seen her during the Rag & Bone runway shows) this season looks to feature a series of headliners again. Already announced is the aforementioned Liu Wen and Jourdan Dunn. In the past Rag & Bone has featured Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, Karolina Kurkova, Candice Swanepoel, Carolyn Murphy and several others. Should be a treat to see who they feature this season.

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Faconnable, a french retailer known historically for its menswear collection, recently put out photos for its Autumn/Winter 2012 womenswear items. After looking at the few pics from the collection, the first thought that came into my head was, someone at Gap and Banana Republic should be taking notes. While never known for high-end fashion, the designers there always created more than serviceable looks. I’m sure Faconnable, is aiming at higher price-points, but for what it is and who they are targeting (modern/contemporary), this is spot-on. See photos:

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It’s fun when our photographer Kevin Kane gets backstage and opens up prior to a show’s start to get some candid shots at Nicholas K’s 2013 Spring Summer collection showing:

India De Beaufort with designer

Irina Pantaeva

Swedish Band Iconapop

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H&M has put together a respectable guide to Autumn fashion in less than 1 minute and 50 seconds (it’s such a quick video with detail). Darker colors? Check. Metallics? Check. More masculine with feminine accent items? Check. And leather. You cannot forget the leather.

At this stage it’s ubiquitous. Much to the chagrin of PETA, it’s added as an accent piece on nearly everything.

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When you’re dominating the window at Colette, you know you’ve arrived (retail-wise). Creatively that could have happened 10 years ago, but retail is another ballgame altogether. Ashish’s collection is worthy of this honor though. View the full fall collection here.

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I have seen a new label, which has caught my eye and I love their collection.  I want to share with you, so you too can track its inevitable rise to the top. The clothes are fresh, simple and they feel just as if you should own them all because you could wear every piece, all the time, although that could prove highly dangerous for amicable relations with my bank manager.

The designer, Christine Elise Kolnberger-Aziz, grew up watching her Grandfather at work as a menswear tailor in Germany. It was here her love of design was born (cough, excuse the pun).

Seres is in fact Spanish for “beings” and the collection is called ‘Little Seres’ showing just how personally Christine want to make the Borne collection – every piece has its own personality.

My top 5 from the collection, I struggled with this as you can see:

1. Ritcher / Wagner Trousers

2. Hurzog t shirt

3. Ritcher Shorts

4. Cami Baron Dress

5. Kaiser Cami/Furst top

I am not the only one who thinks so, the Editors on the big glossies, including British Vogue, are shooting piece after piece from this German bred, Spanish made brand. So watch out for the features and don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Emily Jerman lives in London, is a freelance stylist and writer and contributor to PapierDoll Blog. For further information visit: www.emilyjerman.com

Stockist for Borne: www.borne.co.uk

All illustrations are courtesy of Jaq Fryers and are protected by copyright, so cannot be copied or reproduced without prior permission

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The scene: Our First Lady of Fashion, Vogue Paris, has been suddenly separated from its long time mentor and partner, Carine Roitfeld. As the news filters through the fashion world, the rumours begin…Disbelieving posts on Twitter and social media pages fill the silence and try to answer the question – who can save our Lady as she free falls into the unknown?  Still, the comment that makes me smile is from Derek Blasberg, “She (or he) has some seriously big over the knee high heeled lace-up Alaia shoes to fill.”

source: TheStyleSpy

As the cogs continue to turn and the debate rages on – where has Carine gone, what will she do and who with… a silent figure emerges from stage left – our new heroine. Enter Emmanuelle Alt.

As the Fashion Director of the title for as many years as Carine was Editor, she has made her own statements, in her own way.

source: nogoodforme.com

She knows the title well and will continue to create and expand the potential of this First Lady in Fashion. Bereft of make up and an understated, but no less polished, style of her own. She oozes Parisian street style chic, making us wish we could wear what she does so effortlessly, radiating poise and assurance.

source: stylebible.ph

With these qualities our new heroine should glide into the role. Bon Chance, although I don’t believe that much luck is needed.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance Fashion Stylist and writer. For more information click through www.emilyjerman.com

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Underwear is fast becoming a more than just a necessity. I mean it has taken pride of place in many wardrobes but not everyone takes the care to match everything at all times. Remember the words of your Mother or Grandmother about being hit by buses? well the launch of the new collections from Mimi Holiday and Damaris will perhaps make you want to be hit by the fictitious bus just so you can shed your outer layers to reveal what you have underneath and show off.

The fine lace and interesting shapes make for a beautiful collection in pretty pastels and a few more vibrant colours. As well as the usual polka dots from Mimi and the tied knickers from Damaris there are fresh new prints and types of bows to choose between.

If you think that underwear should stay covered, perhaps some extravagant hosiery could tempt you? Autumn/Winter has already seen the rise of the pattern, from suspenders at Henry Holland to bondage tights at Wolford. These are having a re-birth having been worn by Cheryl Cole and it is reported that the bondage style sold out the day after she wore them on X-Factor. New for Spring/Summer are the laced boot look – with actual laces for a touch of reality. (It can be removed for laundry, no tangles).

This maybe quite adventurous, but then take a look at the ready to wear, swimwear and lingerie from Wolford, there will definitely be something to take your fancy and in turn not requiring a hit and run to show off about it.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributor to Papierblog. For further details visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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